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When it comes to travelling, there are many moments when you get that all too familiar feeling that you’ve forgotten something. When you’re packing your suitcase you re-run the list of items you need through your head over and over again. Toothbrush? Check. Socks? Check. Passport? Check.

Once you’ve made it, and hopefully without any essential items missing, you can finally relax on your trip, that is, until the day comes when it’s time to pack up once again. If you’re staying with friends or family, then leaving something behind isn’t the worst case scenario as a quick phone call to a loved one is all you need to make sure what you left is back in your possession as soon as possible. But if you’re staying at a hotel then getting whatever you left back is a little trickier, especially if you don’t even remember that you didn’t pack it back up with you upon check-out. This year the hotel chain Travelodge has presented their list of the objects that are most often forgotten in their hotels and also items that we still can’t believe were left behind.

Here are some of the rare items that were found:

  • Winning lottery ticket
  • Keys to a Bugatti
  • Stamp collection worth £250,000
  • Box of 200 masks of Queen Elizabeth
  • Tickets to the London Summer Olympics
  • Rolex watch valued at £50,000

rare items left in hotels

Travelodge donates all items to the British Association for Cancer Research if they are not claimed within 3 months.

And what about you? Have you ever forgotten something during a hotel stay? Did you get it back?

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