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We have once again carried out a small survey! This time: holiday planning in France, Britain, Italy and Germany. What resulted were many similarities (and a few differences) between our customers in these four countries.

Many of those leaving Bella Italia would prefer to do so without friends or family, a result not too dissimilar from the respondents in France, where only three percent place value on time with family and friends. So who do these people wish to spend time with? Maybe a subject for another survey…

DIY travel is very popular in all countries except France, and nowhere more so than Britain. Over 70 percent of us like to plan our own trips.

When it comes to travel budget, there are broadly two groups: the bargain hunters and, what we like to call, the “less financially conscious connoisseur types”. Precisely 0% of Italians disagree that price doesn’t matter when it comes to travel. Travel is obviously more important than budgeting in Britain, where more respondents than anywhere else think that travel should come first, budget later.

OK, so we know our budget and who we do (or don’t) want to go with. But now the most important question: where to go? Over half of our respondents in the UK, France and Germany, and more than 40 percent of Italians have a wish-list ready for when time, and budget, allow. Tips and advice from friends are, in terms of popularity, comparatively far behind when it comes to travel planning. Less than ten percent of the respondents in France and the UK, and 15 percent among respondents in Italy take note of recommendations from their nearest and dearest.

Here we’ve summarised the results:

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