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Tenerife cuisine

One of the best parts about being on holiday is being able to endulge yourself with dishes you may have never tried before. Here are some of the most typical plates on the island.

tenerife cuisine
image by RonjaNilsson on flickr


  • Gilt-head bream (Dorada)
  • Combtooth blennies (viejas)
  • Sea bream (sama)
  • Red porgy (bocinegro)
  • Gold lined bream (salema)
  • Grouper (mero)
  • Tuna (atún)
  • Atlantic mackerel (caballa)
  • Sardine (sardinas)


  • Prawns (gambas)
  • Langostines (langostinas)
  • Mussels (mejillones)
  • Octopus (pulpo)


  • Goat (cabra)
  • Rabbit in Salmorejo sauce (Conejo al salmorejo)


papas arrugadas wrinkly potatoes
Papas arrugadas with mojo sauce
  • Goat cheese (queso de cabra)
  • Wrinkly potatoes with “mojo” sauce (papas arrugadas con mojo)

Other typical dishes

gofio escaldon tenerife
“Escaldon”: typical dish made from gofio. By mmeida on flickr
  • Chickpea stew
  • Roasted grain cereal (gofio)


tenerife winery
image by BodegaContiempo on flickr

Choose a bottle from one of the 5 wine producing regions on the island:

  • Abona
  • Tacoronte-Acentejo
  • Valle de La Orotava
  • Valle de Guimar
  • Yconden Daute Isora

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