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East Side – Indian Ocean

False Bay Beaches:

As these beaches are part of the Indian Ocean side of Cape Town, their waters are warmer and also shallower, making them great places for swimming.

1) Muizenberg

Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town
image by Peter Borcherds @ Flickr

2) Fish Hoek

Fish Hoek, Cape Town
image by Mark Turner @ Flickr

3) Boulder’s

Boulder's Beach, Cape Town
image by faoileacain @ Flickr

4) Smitswinkelbaai

Smitswinkelbaai, Cape Town
image by Steve Crane @ Flickr

5) Macassar

Macassar Beach, Cape Town
image by Blyzz @ Flickr

Cape Helderberg Beaches:

White sandy beaches, shallower waters and rock pools make these beaches an ideal place for family picnic days.

1) Gordon’s Bay

Gordons Bay, Cape Town
image by rayd123 @ Flickr

2) Strand

Strand Beach, Cape Town
image by Litchi @ Flickr

3) Kogel Bay

Kogel Bay, Cape Town
image by RobW_ @ Flickr

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