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An increasing number of resorts across Europe, particularly in France and Switzerland, have started to introduce new and thrilling alternatives to popular winter sports. The adventurous at heart definitely have something to look forward to this winter!


Source: mikko h. via pinterest

Leave your wooden sledge at home and try Yooning! This seat-like device is a fun alternative to the classic sledging we all enjoyed as children.  And best of all, you don’t need to be a professional skier or snowboarder to be able to ride a Yooner down a snowy slope.

Snow Biking

snow bike niceartlife magazine
Source: niceartlife magazine via pinterest

If you enjoy skiing and biking, then snow biking is the best way to combine both sports into one fun activity!

Snow Mobile Rides

snow mobile
Source: david martinez via pinterest

Too lazy to walk around or ski down a slope? No worries, you can hire one of these snow mobiles…after all, driving around in snow is also a winter sport!

Team Sledging

team sledge
Source: Hannes wimmer via pinterest

Sledging is fun, but even more so if you can do it in a team!

Snow Golf

snow golf
Source: Chrissy klotz via pinterest

Golfers shouldn’t have to suffer just because its winter; for this reason, many ski resorts are now offering their guests the possibility to play Snow Golf.

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