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Next year tourists will have the chance to glide along the deck of the Titanic one more time. Certainly less glamorous and shiny as back then, but therefore in a rather special manner. The company “Blue Marble Private” will launch exclusive dive tours to the Titanic wreck, starting in May 2018. However, with a princely sum of 105.129$, most hobby divers are probably still gonna prefer the sunken cutter around our local coasts.

Tauchen_Titanic_2018 (2)
The 8 day journey starts off in Newfoundland, Canada, and transports the guests in a titanium and carbon submersible to the resting place of the ship – more than two miles below the surface. The first trip is already fully booked, Blue Marble Private states. For more than 100k you’ll not only enjoy up to three dives but may also officially call yourself “Mission Specialist”. Sure thing then, isn’t it?!

Those amongst us, who are interested, should not wait too long. According to a recent study the discovered “extremophile bacteria” might destroy all what’s left of the wreck within the next 20 years.

What’s your thought on this? “Sounds interesting” or “nah, I rather grab that movie again”?

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