Volunteer Holidays

Would you like to travel to beautiful places and at the same time, take care of other people and their environment?

Combine holidays and voluntary work and explore different parts of the world by doing good. Solidarity is to work for a cause that's close to your heart and fighting for it to help others. You can now do both things you're passionate about and change your life. Whether you decide to protect turtles in Mexico, teach children in India or build schools in Ghana, we've got you covered with tips to have the best volunteer experience ever!

Destination ideas

Lemur Madagascar

Protect the Lemurs and environment

Sainte Luce, Madagascar is surrounded by rainforests, but nowadays, the trees and natural treasures, only represent 10% of the original forest as a result of deforestation. Trees and their animals need your help!

Why you should go

One of the most important consequences of this horrible phenomenon is that multiple species of flora and fauna are disappearing, most specially the 103 species of Lemurs that inhabit the area.

  • Lemur & Biodiversity Research and its volunteers work to conserve the richness of the area by collecting data in the forest, environmental education and collaborating with the local community.
  • People living in Sainte Luce are dependent of their environment, and so this project starts by integrating them in the protection of this area.
  • Volunteers here could help with environmental education in schools and get involved in cultivating and biological studies. This could be a great opportunity to discover the magnificent nature of Madagascar and help in its conservation.

When to go

Madagascar is an immense country with a wide variety of habitats and diverse climate. The best time to go to Madagascar depends on what kind of volunteer work you're going to be doing there, what you want to do and see there but the overall best months are from April to December.

  • Warmest season: If you'd like to make the most of the trip to go lemur and chameleon watching and to the beach, visit from September to December.
  • If you want to avoid peak season, visit in April for green landscapes, jumping lemurs and quiet beaches.
  • If you want to see humpback whales vist between July and September.
  • Rainy season: Weather patterns do not necessarily stick in Madagascar but the wet season usually starts from December to March.

Madagascar can be enjoyed year-round!

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What to do

There are a lot of volunteer programs to choose from! Whether you want to teach, focus on childcare, construction, conservation or healthcare, there are a lot of projects that will fit your interests and skills set. If you decide to travel after your volunteer program, you can do the following things: 

  • Whale watching: Head over to the east coast, around Ille Sainte Marie, to spot humpback whales. You can also volunteer as a whale researcher and help the organization collecting useful data to monitor their migrating patterns. 
  • Spot some Lemurs: Track the cheeky Madagascarian Lemurs! There's nothing like watching these animals sunbathe and lazy around. If you want to see the dancing lemurs (Sifakas), head to Berenty or Anjajavy. Other great places to spot Lemurs are Andasibe, Isalo and Ankarafantsika.
  • Beach getaways: After your volunteer work, relax in one of their beautiful private islands. We recommend Ille Sainte Marie, Anjajavy, Ifaty and Nosy Be.  
  • Hiking: Discover their high plateaus, deserts and the Baobab avenue in Kirindy. They'll make your mouth drop. 

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Madagascar Volunteer Map

Volunteer in Nepal

Educational programs for children and women

Despite the fact that child labour is prohibited in Nepal, around 1.6 million children, aged between 5-17, are being forced to work, according to the International Labour Organization. 75% of them are under 14 years and most are girls.

Why you should go

Volunteering options in Nepal are mainly located in Kathmandu and most of the projects are related to children and women’s education. In this country, there are many ways to help in schools, nurseries or orphanages:

  • If you prefer to get involved in other types of projects, your help is also needed in education programs focused on women. Nepal has a patriarchal society and women don't have the same opportunities to go to school. Some of them do not even know their rights. That’s why there are some organizations dedicating his time to offer lessons on arithmetic, informatics and creative writing.
  • You can also teach English and organize events and activities for the communities.

When to go

  • Fall is the best time to visit Nepal. It is the dry season, the landscape is green and the weather is clear and ideal.
  • The months of March and April are also a good time to discover the country since it's not peak season!
  • Monsoon season typically begins mid-June and lasts until the last weeks of September. It's still a great time to visit because fields come alive and flowers bloom everywhere. But avoid this season if you plan to go trekking!

Nepal's weather ranges from the tropical to the artic

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What to do

Visit Kathmandu, the largest city in Nepal and go from there.

  • Trekking: There are many treks for beginners in Nepal, we recommend the beginner Sarangkot trek. For those of a more advanced level, conquer the Everest. The treks are an opportunity to discover the country, immersing deeply in the Nepalese culture, and you will also meet the local people.
  • Experience the local life by riding a public bus. You'll find chickens under your seats, sunbathers on the roof and a lot of other things but it'll get you close to their everyday life.
  • Jungle Wildlife: finish your trip riding an elephant in Chitwan National Park or getting close to a wild Rhino. Truly an amazing experience!

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Nepal Volunteer Map

Jungle volunteers in Peru

Jungle conservation

On March 2014, Peru’s Government started investing in the reforestation of 3,600 ht of rainforest. The idea is to reduce the impact that deforestation had for the local development. This project is ongoing and there are many projects with similar objectives in different areas of the country.

Why you should go

Some of the ongoing projects in Peru are located at a biological station in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest, one of the most bio-diverse forests in the world, near the shores of the Madre de Dios river.

  • Volunteers here live and work on-site: In the greenhouse, trail maintenance, reforestation, recording and researching methods to preserve the area, and helping in local farms. This is a complete volunteering project with a real connection with nature and the local culture and society.

When to go

The best time to go depends on what you're going to be doing in Peru:

  • If you want to go through the Andes, the best time is between June and August . This is the dry season, and the climate is ideal for hiking.
  • For beach lovers and relaxation, enjoy the months from December to March to walk around the sandy beaches of Peru.
  • And if you are planning to explore the Amazon forest, the ideal would be to go between April and November, the humidity is less in these times.

Visiting various regions is complicated because temperatures vary across the country

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What to do

  • Visit Machu Picchu to learn more about Inca culture. Hop on a boat and discover Lake titicaca and stop by the Uros Islands. They've been created entirely with reeds.
  • For adventurers, climb up the Cordillera blanca or explore the depth of the jungles in Manu National park.
  • Don't forget to buy colourful clothes at the Cusco Handicraft Market

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Peru Volunteer Map

Romanian Orphanage volunteers

Volunteering with orphans

During the early 1990's the international media highlighted the large numbers of neglected orphans in Romania and the need for the international community to respond to this problem. Although the Government is taking care of this and investing in ways to solve it, some organizations want to offer their help.

Why you should go

The most important and beautiful part of the journey may just be that you will become a mentor and friend for children who have had little attention from adults.

  • Volunteers in Romania are needed to work in smaller homes for orphans, taking care of children aged between 4 and 16 years old.
  • But there are so many other things you could do for the little girls and little boys, including delivering donations of food and clothing or assisting with physical and occupational therapy.

When to go

  • The best time to visit is in Summer, from June to August, is the best period to visit Romania. Weather is nice and you could enjoy beaches, or outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain bike.
  • Avoid going in winter if you don't want to freeze! Temperatures go down to -15 or -20ºC!

Climate is pretty crucial in deciding when to visit Romania!

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What to do

  • Discover the capital and its imposing Palace of the Parliament.
  • For the adventurous, take a hike in the Carpathian Mountains to exploring its narrow paths and mountain plateaus.
  • Do not miss Bran Castle, visit Dracula's home perched on the valleys of Transylvania.

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Romania Volunteer Map

« After the verb "to love," the verb, "to help" is the most beautiful verb in the world. »


Baroness Bertha von Suttner

Travel tips for Volunteers

Here are some tips for a successful volunteer

Which volunteering program is right for me?
There are different types of volunteer holidays: Work camps or periods dedicated to investigating a social issue; the thing to understand is which typology best fits your needs and expectations. Before choosing a project, ask yourself about your inclinations and interests, a cause that is socially responsible and allows time to help the local communities, etc. It also helps if you feel a particular connection with a cause.

Seek for a reliable partner
The organizer of a volunteering initiative is key and choosing the right organization is also crucial. Ask a lot of questions, get precise information on how funds are used and on their action’s model. If you don’t feel deeply in line with their work, simply look for an alternative.

How much time do you have?
The duration of the journey is an important factor to take into account. Many of the projects require a minimum stay of one month, but there are also a few requiring a 2-week stay. In any case, keep in mind that the more time you spend at this destination, the more benefits you and other people involved will have!

What do I need before leaving?
In some cases, a short training will be required before departure. The organization can also ask for some professional or academic references. In general, it is recommended to have at least an intermediate knowledge of English, as it is a necessary requirement to communicate with others volunteers.

Be flexible and embrace adaptability. Though your arrival may not look like what you expected, remember that the vision most volunteers have before departure is often more poetic than the one they arrived with. Difficult moments may occur, but a rewarding experience awaits.


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