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Georgy and Daniil Tarasov decided to travel across Vietnam for 45 days and captured the most memorable experiences in a 3-minute, 37-second video. It captures the natural beauty of the vietnamese culture and takes viewers on an adventure through different forms of transportation: train rides, bike/motorbikes, boat and even waterfall jumping!

Despite having difficulties filming the video, their passion for travelling encouraged them to keep going. They wanted to share with others their experiences and hopefully transmit their feelings about them. “The whole trip was remembered as a great trip”, Georgy commented to Tuoi Tre News. “I cannot tell which is more beautiful, the northern or southern region,” he added but he did admit that Ha Long Bay was the most amazing place he’s visited ever. What inspired them the most about Vietnam are the children, because they’re so happy, despite their humble lives.

They posted their video on Vimeo at the end of January and they’ve received a lot of compliments from expats and fellow travellers. They’ve even been featured in Vimeo’s Staff Pick! For a glympse of some of the best scenes, take a look at these stunning snapshots of the video:

train-vietnamgeorgy-tarasov-who-directed-the-road-story-vietnam-filmed-with-a-canon-5d-mark-ii-told-1627029-fmlgddiafields-vietnamhanoi-vietnamrowing-vietnam rice-terraces-vietnam
It’s much more than a simple travel video that features beautiful landscapes. In the video you actually follow them around the trip! Give it a look:
[vimeo width=”500″ height=”281″]http://vimeo.com/117669654[/vimeo]

The video will definitely leave you with a big smile on your face and give you the travel bug. If you’re thinking of visiting the beautiful country, there are plenty of regular and affordable flights to Hanoi or to Ho Chi Minh!

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