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Our latest study is out, and what we’re looking at this time is where Europeans will be spending their New Year’s Eve 2012. Using booking data from Opodo UK, Opodo.de, Opodo.it, and Opodo.fr, we’ve found out where the British, Germans, Italians and the French will be counting down to bring in the new year. We’ve narrowed the destinations down into two categories, city and beach, to ask one question where is Europe going?

So in 10…9…8… here are the results!

When it comes to spending NYE in the city, NYC is the favourite as British, Italian and French travellers have all decided that watching the ball drop in Times Square is the best way to celebrate 2012 and the upcoming 2013. Germans, on the other hand, have decided against long-haul flights to stay closer to home, as Berlin is their top city destination for New Year’s Eve 2012.

Europeans looking to spend the remaining days of 2012 on the beach have all agreed that one city is the top pick. That city is none other than Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. Though Bangkok is a metropolis, it is also a popular destination for the picturesque beaches that can be found outside of the city.

Check out our infographic below to see the other top cities, both metropolitan and beach, and let us know what you’ve got planned for NYE 2012. Are your travel plans in line with where the UK is going?

nye 2012 opodo infographic

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