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A weekend getaway in Biarritz

Once a favourite destination of Napoléon III, Biarritz has remained a popular getaway location for both French and international visitors. Located on the Bay of Biscay on the Atlantic Coast, Biarritz is a jewel of the Basque region and celebrates the area's unique culture through food and festivities. City breaks in Biarritz can include plenty of time outdoors at some of France's most beautiful beaches, which are ideal for swimming, surfing or simply relaxing on the sand. The area is also filled with historical significance, as evidenced by the many local museums and heritage sites.

What to know before booking package holidays in Biarritz?

Flights from London and Manchester to Biarritz arrive at Biarritz Pays Basque Airport (BIQ). Located in the Central European time zone, Biarritz is only one hour ahead of the UK, making it an ideal location for city breaks. Though many restaurants, hotels and shops will accept major credit and debit cards, you may want to have some euros on hand, particularly for shopping in local markets. English is spoken in many locations throughout the city centre, though providing a greeting in French is always appreciated. You may also hear an unfamiliar language during your stay: Basque. This language isolate is spoken in this part of France and nearby Spain.

When is the best time of year for city breaks in Biarritz?

Located in southwest France, very close to the Spanish border, Biarritz benefits from a warmer climate than other parts of the country. You may wish to plan package holidays in Biarritz to take advantage of the sunshine and fantastic beaches that the city has to offer. The best time for warm weather is from May to September. Holidaymakers booking flights to and hotels in Biarritz should keep in mind that the city is busiest during August, when many people from around the country flock to this coastal destination.

What is there to do in Biarritz?

The city's main draw is its location. Package holidays in Biarritz can include surfing, walking around the scenic Port Vieux or simply enjoying a picnic on one of the beautiful beaches. The city, home to a large aquarium and several historical museums, is also ideally situated for day trips to other Basque towns such as Bayonne.

Places to visit during a weekend in Biarritz

You'll find lots to do during a city break in Biarritz. Here are several highlights to consider for an enjoyable weekend:

  • Enjoy a day at the beach: The Grande Plage, dotted with colourful umbrellas and offering golden sand and turquoise water, is the city's most celebrated beach. Visitors can take surf lessons at Plage de la Côte des Basques, where surfing in Europe is believed to have started.
  • Marvel at the views: The coast of Biarritz is stunning, offering views down to San Sebastian in Spain on a clear day. For the best views and photo opportunities, walk or drive up to the city's lighthouse or to the Rocher de la Vierge (Rock of the Virgin), which is connected to the mainland via a bridge commissioned by Napoléon III.
  • Absorb Basque culture: You may be able to visit the Fronton Couvert Plaza Berri for a pelota match, Similar to handball, the sport is known as one of the fastest sports in the world. You can learn more about Basque folklore by exploring other parts of the region. Known for its Basque Museum and towering cathedral, the city of Bayonne is a recommended day trip.

Food and drink to enjoy in Biarritz

  • Gâteau Basque: This small cake is a staple of local cuisine. Filled with a rich, eggy custard and often flavoured with almonds or cherries, this traditional dessert is found throughout the city.
  • Shop at the Halles de Biarritz: As the city's main covered market, the Halles de Biarritz is the go-to destination for foodies, offering local produce and specialities such as brebis, a sheep cheese. The market, where many locals start and end their work day, makes for a lively environment to observe.
  • Typical Basque dishes to try: axoa (veal and pepper stew), marmitako (tuna stew) and poulet basquaise (chicken with onions, tomatoes and peppers).

Souvenirs of Biarritz

Remember your time on the coast of Biarritz by bringing home some Basque specialities. Famous jambon de Bayonne is a salty cured ham that is great to enjoy with brebis cheese. A box of piment d'espelette (local chili powder) or homemade macarons and chocolates make great gifts. Alternatively, purchase some colourful Basque linens to line your table and remind yourself to book another flight to and hotel in Biarritz soon!

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