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Introducing Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a hub of activity, attracting budget travellers and wealthy holidaymakers alike. From the enduring charm of Bophut Fisherman’s Village to the nightlife of Lamai and white sand beaches of Maenam, Koh Samui is distinct among Thailand’s islands in maintaining a broad appeal for everyone.

By most estimates, Koh Samui was first inhabited about fifteen centuries ago, settled by fishermen from Southern China and the Malay Peninsula. Today the population is well over 60,000. The dominant culture has long been Buddhism, and you don’t have to travel far to find spectacular relics from the island’s ancient past.

The most popular of these is the Big Buddha Temple, a 12m golden statue on Samui’s north-east coast, between Bophut and Choeng Mon. Arrive with a flight from London, soaring over the golden temple to your hotel – your adventure in Koh Samui is just beginning. Wat Phra Yai, as the temple is called in Thai, lies just two miles north of Samui International Airport, and less than a mile from Bangrak Pier. Package holidays in Koh Samui should undoubtedly include an evening excursion to the Big Buddha, when the crowds have dispersed and the sun reflects off the monument remarkably. The centre of Koh Samui is mostly an untrodden tropical jungle, including the largest mountain peak on the island, Khao Pom, which rises 635m above sea level.

What to know before visiting?

Even if you only plan on spending a weekend in Koh Samui, you’ll want to book your flight and hotel at least a few weeks in advance. To save cost, you might also consider flying into Surat Thani International Airport, where bus and ferry connections can easily be arranged to the island. This will add only a couple of hours to your trip and allow you to see the stunning Surat Thani Province before making your way to Koh Samui. Several ferries connect Samui to the mainland, including two car and passenger ferries from Raja and Seatran. Upon arrival, privately operated songthaews (taxis) and other larger vehicles scan the roadside to take you to your final destination. Be advised of the seven-hour time difference between the UK and Koh Samui when making your plans. Payments for these connections will be made in Thai Baht, as will most flight and hotel bookings in Koh Samui.

When is the best time to visit Koh Samui?

Anytime, of course, although you might want to avoid the rainiest months. Whether you’re heading to the island during winter or summer, you’ll want to pack a raincoat. The island boasts only one true “dry season” month according to the threshold for a tropical climate, with roughly 60m of rain falling on average throughout February. Samui’s rainy season lasts just two months (October and November), during which more than 400m of rain falls. Otherwise, the climate is hot and humid for most of the year, with temperatures ranging between 20-35 degrees Celsius. It’s typical to experience brief rain showers in the early afternoon throughout the year, especially at higher elevations. Before your trip, be aware of changing weather patterns which could affect flight and hotel accommodations in Koh Samui.

What places to visit in Koh Samui?

Whether you’re a sleep-deprived traveller in need of a beachside Thai massage, or a more adventurous type, there’s something for everyone in Koh Samui. Here are the top three things to do during your stay on the island:

  • Bophut Fisherman’s Village: Fisherman’s Village is a timeless part of Bophut, with trendy restaurants, amulet vendors, boutique stores, and a range of hotels stretching the beachside. Every Friday the area becomes the site of the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street Market, which attracts people from all over the island.
  • Namuang Waterfall: These are the most spectacular waterfalls on the island, which is saying a lot. Package holidays in Koh Samui should not miss a trip to this amazing site, but be prepared to get muddy.
  • Secret Buddha Garden: Tucked away in the hills of the island’s tropical interior, the gardens are the creation of a local fruit farmer who began erecting statues of the Buddha in 1976.

What to do in Koh Samui?

The island is truly a hub of activity with more than enough choices to offer. Here are three things you simply can’t miss:

  • Scuba diving: This can be done almost anywhere. You may even want to consider a three-day scuba certification course.
  • Elephant trekking: You will want to choose an ethical company that treats the elephants with care. Luckily, there are plenty available.
  • Relaxing at a Thai spa: Choose any one of the numerous spas on the island; sit back and relax.

What to eat in Koh Samui?

With so many amazing culinary experiences waiting for you on the island, we’ve narrowed it down to the top three:

  • Supattra Thai Dining: Moderately priced local Thai fare with plenty of vegetarian options.
  • Hemingway’s on the Beach: A tourist attraction, yes, but a good one at that. Hemingway’s is the perfect option for sunset.
  • Greenlight Café & Bar Koh Samui: City breaks in Koh Samui should include a trip to Greenlight Café, where you can sit back, take a book off the shelf of their library, and enjoy a great vegan meal.

What to bring home from Koh Samui?

Even if you only have a weekend in Koh Samui, you’ll have plenty of things to bring home. From trinkets bought on the cheap from local amulet vendors, to homemade products made with care, to generic souvenirs like an “I Love Samui” T-shirt, you won’t be coming home empty-handed. Beyond all of that, you will have your memories, and those will last a lifetime. City breaks in Koh Samui are practical for budget-conscious and affluent travellers alike, so don't wait to book your trip.

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