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Getting to know Marseille

As the second-largest city in France, Marseille offers a metropolitan urban vibe while showcasing the Old World charm that comes from its heritage as a centre of European trade. Located on the Mediterranean Sea in southeastern France, Marseille offers city breaks with a coastal lifestyle and the splendours of Provence. Book a flight to and hotel in Marseille for a weekend of shopping, sunshine and fine food.

Planning package holidays in Marseille

Passengers arriving from London or Manchester will likely land at Marseille Provence Airport (MRS), and only have to turn their watches forward by one hour. While most major restaurants and services in Marseille accept credit and debit cards, it is advised to have euros on hand, particularly for services such as taxis or for shopping at local markets, of which there are many in the city. Some knowledge of French will be useful at smaller restaurants, where a translated version of the menu may not be available. However, most visitor services can help you in English.

When should you plan a weekend in Marseille?

Due to its Mediterranean climate, Marseille has mild but humid winters and hot summers. It is the sunniest city in France, making it an ideal destination for city breaks at any time of year. Weather-wise, the best time of year to book a flight to and hotel in Marseille may be between April and September. Be aware, however, that many places are closed for holidays in August.

What is there to do during package holidays in Marseille?

Marseille offers a broad range of activities for different types of travellers, such as outdoor adventures at Calanques National Park, sailing trips on the Mediterranean, and relaxed evenings on the outdoor terraces overlooking the port of Marseille. Marseille is also the gateway to Provence, a beloved region filled with charming medieval villages and fields of lavender. To finish a day in Marseille, be sure to kick back at one of the city's charming restaurants to enjoy the fine wine and fresh seafood dishes the city is known for.

Highlights for city breaks in Marseille

To make the most of your weekend in Marseille, be sure to add the following locations to your to-do list:

  • Adventure in Calanques National Park: One of France's most beautiful national parks, les Calanques are within easy reach of Marseille – explore its steep-walled inlets along the sea by foot or take a more relaxed approach with a boat tour.
  • Walk around the Old Port: The Old Port of Marseille, which harkens back to the city's glory days when trade was plentiful, is still a busy part of the city, surrounded by open-air cafés perfect for enjoying an espresso in the sunshine while watching the world go by.
  • Explore nearby areas: See the beautiful student town of Aix-en-Provence or the coastal communities along the Côte d'Azur to the east.
  • Take in some culture: Marseille is also home to many interesting art galleries and museums, namely the Musée des Beaux Arts and the Musée Cantini, which boasts a large collection of modern art.
  • Marvel at architecture: Make sure to see the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde, which dominates the city from its highest viewpoint – this spectacular cathedral is hard to miss.

What to eat and drink in Marseille

In a country famous for its cuisine, Marseille provides its own unique flavour profile. Here are a few dishes to try on package holidays in the city:

  • Bouillabaisse: Originally invented as a way to use up fish scraps, this rich stew is now one of the more elegant dishes to order in the region, incorporating several types of fish and served with croutons, aïoli sauce and rouille sauce.
  • Moules marinière: Mussels cooked simply with garlic and herbs is a traditional dish found throughout France, but most commonly in Marseille.
  • Wine: As no weekend in France is complete without sampling the local wine production, make sure to head east to the Cassis region, which is famous for its light, fresh wines – particularly its rosé.

What to bring home as a souvenir from Marseille

Due to Marseille's location on the edge of Provence's lavender fields, it is highly recommended to bring home some lavender products as souvenirs of your time in the city. Herbes de Provence, the classic savoury combination, also make a popular gift – pair a sachet of herbs with a grinder to make the most of the flavour.

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