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Introducing Shanghai

Known as the "Paris of the East", Shanghai is located on China’s central coast. It serves as China's biggest city and an important economic centre in Asia. The city has a huge population of over 24 million, and with a rich history, bustling population, tree-lined neighbourhoods and a diverse skyline, Shanghai offers visitors the unique blend of Chinese traditions and western customs.

This diverse location creates a unique experience that attracts holidaymakers of all ages, and you can take the stress out of travel by booking your flight to and hotel in Shanghai together to save you money. While enjoying city breaks in Shanghai, it's always great to treat yourself with the extra cash. Choose package holidays in Shanghai to kick start you Chinese holiday on the right foot.

What to Know Before Visiting Shanghai?

Flights to Shanghai arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA).They are important aviation hubs within China and are well-connected with other major destinations. If you're visiting from the UK, you can get a direct flight from London or Manchester to Shanghai.

If you're travelling from the UK, you need a visa to enter Shanghai. The official language is Mandarin Chinese, and you might encounter a communication barrier in Shanghai as many locals don't speak English very fluently. The time difference is 8 hours between Shanghai and the United Kingdom. The currency is known as Renminbi (RMB/CNY).

When Is The Best Time To Visit Shanghai?

Shanghai enjoys a subtropical climate with four distinctive seasons; hot summers, pleasant springs, comfortable autumns and cold winters. July and August is the hottest in Shanghai, with temperatures hovering around 32°C. Winter starts in January and lasts till early February.

If you opt for package holidays in Shanghai during March and May, you will find pleasant weather that's ideal for long hours of sightseeing. If you're looking to enjoy a weekend in Shanghai during this time, it's best to book your flight to and hotel in Shanghai in advance to avoid any last minute rush. You can also enjoy some of the city's most popular events including Qingming Festival (April), May Day (May 1) and Youth Day (May 4) during this period.

What to Do In Shanghai?

Shanghai is one of the largest metropolis' in China, and offers something for everyone. Taking a leisurely walk along The Bund is one of the activities you shouldn't miss when on city breaks in Shanghai. Here you can enjoy a classic skyline of majestic architecture rising above the Huangpu River. Nanjing Road is considered one of busiest commercial streets in Shanghai; you will find numerous shops here to purchase everything you need, ranging from special souvenirs to the exclusive branded items. You might also enjoy discovering the range of marine animals at Changfeng Ocean Park and Shanghai Ocean Aquarium.

What Places to Visit In Shanghai?

Ancient temples, magnificent cityscapes and cultural landmarks, Shanghai is sure to delight visitors of all ages. On a weekend in Shanghai, discover the spiritual side of the city by visiting Jade Buddha Temple, the City God Temple, the Songjiang Mosque and St. Ignatius Cathedral. Further, sites to explore are:

What to Eat In Shanghai?

Shanghai is known for its diverse food culture which includes two distinct styles; Benbang and Haipai cuisine. Benbang Cuisine is the local or traditional style of cuisine, whereas Haipai is influenced by the city’s cosmopolitan culture. When you visit Shanghai do not miss the chance to try the signature seafood delicacies, including dried sea cucumber, steamed crabs, braised fish, sautéed shelled shrimps, smoked fish and steamed shad.

What to Bring From Shanghai?

When it comes to souvenirs, you will be spoilt for options in Shanghai. Shanghai is the best place to buy silk items. All over the city you will find the finest silk products including dresses, shawls, bed sheets and quilts. Apart from silk, other items that will make for a classy gift include Chinese ceramic-ware, handicrafts, handmade paintings, Jade and sweets.

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