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Presenting Zakynthos

Zakynthos is one of the Ionian Islands, the gorgeous string of isles that also includes Corfu and Paxi. The perfect mix of exciting nightlife on warm nights and the calmer atmosphere of nature and beaches, Zakynthos package holidays are ideal for both family breaks and wild weekends with friends.

What to know before visiting Zakynthos

Dionysios Solomos Airport (ZTH), about a 10-minute taxi ride to the centre of town, welcomes frequent flights from London and Manchester. EU citizens likely won't need a visa, and the local currency is the euro. Zakynthos is two hours ahead of the UK. The local language is Greek, though the island draws many global visitors each year and many locals speak English. You may also hear the island called by its Italian name, ‘Zante’, which is often used in English as well.

When is the best time to visit Zakynthos?

Although Zakynthos flight and hotel deals are most popular in the summer, warm weather stretches from May to October on the island. During this time, you’ll find most of the attractions are open, and the heat is ideal for swimming or lounging on the beach. Temperatures in the high 20s and 30s are to be expected. Easter is arguably taken even more seriously than Christmas in Greece, so visiting then is a great way to see the island at its peak of festivities. Zakynthos has a reputation for having some of the best weather in Greece, with around 300 days of sunshine per year.

What to do in Zakynthos

Zakynthos city breaks are ideal for enjoying the island's many fun activities:

  • Go on a boat tour of the Ionian Sea.
  • Dive beneath the waves with a scuba diving experience, or go windsurfing.
  • Sit back and soak up the rays on the beaches at Kalamaki and Porto Limnionas.
  • Make a splash at Water Village, a popular aqua park.
  • Trawl the bars on a Zakynthos weekend.

Places to visit in Zakynthos

There’s a lot more to Zakynthos package holidays than water and beaches:

  • See the eye-popping Agios Dionisios Church and its richly decorated interior.
  • Explore the Keri Caves and take some great photos to remember your trip.
  • Hike the nature trail at Askos Stone Park.
  • Sample some of Grampsas Winery's product at a tasting.
  • See how one of Greece’s most important artisanal products is made at Aristeon Ecological Olive Press.

What to eat in Zakynthos

With your Zakynthos flight and hotel package booked, you may wonder what delicious foods you can savour on your trip. The cuisine of the Ionian Islands, which also cross into Italy, is inspired by the surrounding Mediterranean mainland and focuses on seafood. Grilled salmon with avocado dip, prawn salad and clams are some of the delicious options to look for. Enjoy al fresco dining along the seafront in the centre of Zakynthos.

Bread dipped in olive oil, baked vegetables, moussaka and lamb chops are among the other dishes on offer during traditional meals on Zakynthos city breaks. You'll find Greek restaurants, as well as cafés serving full English breakfasts and British pubs if you’re craving something familiar. Mix things up and grab delicious lagana bread to enjoy with some olive oil and feta cheese for a picnic. When it comes to alcohol, Zakynthos loves its beer and wine – Greek beer brands to look out for include Alfa and Mythos. Alternatively, enjoy the kick of heady ouzo liqueur after dinner.

What can you bring back from Zakynthos?

A Zakynthos weekend is a great time to pick up some excellent souvenirs to take back home. Locally produced honey, olive oil and wine are among the wonderful consumable gifts you can bring back from Zakynthos, and will remind you of the tastes of the island when cooking back home. A bottle of ouzo makes a wonderful Greek gift for friends who like a tipple.

When browsing the shops, you may also notice a lot of jewellery with a ‘blue eye’ motif, which is believed to have protective powers in Greece. Bring back a few of these and keep family members safe from evil spirits for good. Head to chemists and cosmetics shops for Greek beauty creams containing olive oil. Ceramics, including cups and plates, are traditionally made on the island, and can be attractive additions to your home décor.

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