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Travelling in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a narrow archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa made up of several small and diverse islands famed for their spectacular natural scenery, unspoilt beaches, and green and mountainous interiors. They have a unique culture that melds Portuguese and African influences, expressed through the local morna folk music. Most of the year the islands boast a warm and sunny climate, ideal for diving, exploring and turtle spotting. Visitors on a trip to Cape Verde can reach the islands via Amílcar Cabral International Airport on the island of Sal, the Aristides Pereira International Airport on the island of Boa Vista or the Praia International Airport on the island of Santiago. There are a number of airlines operating flights to these airports including TAP Portugal, TACV and Thomson Airways.

Each island has its own story to tell. Rich in history and surrounded by contrasting landscapes, Praia, Cape Verde's capital, sits on the main island of Santiago and is one of the gateways to accessing all that Cape Verde has to offer. It is well situated for the UNESCO World Heritage site and old capital of Cidade Velha, one of the first colonial outposts in the tropics. On the islands of Sal and Boa Vista, beach lovers will be seduced by stunning white powdery beaches, turquoise sea and a wide range of leisure activities. Santo Antão is known for its rugged mountainous scenery, while São Vicente is considered the cultural hub of the archipelago with a longstanding tradition of music and culture.

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