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About Kings Lynn

About King's Lynn

Find fabulous hotels in King's Lynn, one of England's most charming historic towns, located in the county of Norfolk. A major trading port since the 12th century, this coastal gem of the East Anglian coast is ideal for a tranquil break close to nature. You can easily visit The Wash National Nature Reserve from here and stroll through historic squares including Saturday Market Place. Opened in 1095, St Margaret's Church was designated a minster in 2011, and is central to this gorgeous seaside town's historic nature.

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What to see in King's Lynn

King's Lynn has a marvellous mixture of historic landmarks, local nature, and a distinct Norfolk charm that makes it ideal for a relaxing break. Within the town itself, see attractions including Hanse House, a historic warehouse building from the 15th century maintained by the trading empire known as the Hanseatic League. True's Yard Fisherfolk Museum consists of two Victorian fishermen's cottages, with its museum illuminating the town's long maritime past. The St George's Guildhall, a performing arts theatre, is the biggest of its kind from the 15th century still standing in the country, and offers guided tours by expert volunteers when you call ahead.

Book a hotel in King's Lynn, and you can also look forward to exploring the great outdoors. The Wash National Nature Reserve is England's largest bay, and one of its broadest estuary areas. Among the mudflats and salt marshes live a number of migrating birds, such as godwits and grey plovers. It's also an Atlantic grey seal breeding ground, adding to the natural majesty of this gorgeous place. It's a delightful area to go for a walk any time of year, and keen photographers and birdwatchers will certainly be in for a treat.

Where to stay in King's Lynn

Look out for hotel offers in King's Lynn and grab yourself a bargain. A fairly compact town, King's Lynn is easily navigated by foot no matter where you're staying. Hotels on or close to Railway Road will place you close to the train station, so it will be simple to reach your King's Lynn accommodation when you arrive. This area also places you in proximity to most of the shops and restaurants in town, as well at attractions like the Lynn Museum and the Grade II-listed Majestic vintage cinema house.

If you want more of a cosy country feel just outside of town, stay at hotels in Fincham, a village close to King's Lynn that offers the peace and quiet of rural Norfolk. It's just 30 minutes south of King's Lynn by car. Nearer the coast is Dersingham, just 15 minutes north-east by car and offering easy access to the beach and The Wash. This is a superb place to stay if you want to make the most of the local nature, with plenty of opportunities for walks or bike rides each day.