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About Las Vegas

How can I find hotels in Las Vegas?

Surrounded by desert, Las Vegas is a glittering oasis of indulgence with The Strip at the heart of it. When you book a hotel in Las Vegas, however, there is more than just slot machines and gaming tables to enjoy. Big-budget shows entertain you every night. These range from concerts by household singing names to resident magicians Penn & Teller and the marvel of Cirque du Soleil shows. Some of America's finest restaurants can be found in town. There will be so many to choose from within a few steps of your hotel in Las Vegas that it is worth doing some research and booking a few favourites before you arrive. Many hotels in Las Vegas carry big price tags, but Opodo can find hotels that leave money in your wallet to spend on enjoying yourself. Wherever you stay, pop into the sumptuous surroundings of iconic hotels such as Caesar's Palace, The Venetian, Bellagio or The Cosmopolitan to soak up their atmospheres of glitz and sheer luxury. 

What can I see in Las Vegas?

The Strip is the starting point of any Las Vegas holiday. It is just over four miles of excess and abundance where anything goes and the day slips seamlessly into night. It might even be the place where you get lucky and have a win in the casino. While famous names come and go in Vegas, some shows are permanent. One is Spiegelworld's Absinthe where you can enjoy a risque world of flexible acrobats and raunchy singers. Save a visit to the Neon Museum until the sun has gone down. Its immersive show Brilliant gives new life to vintage neon signs collected from across the States. 40 of these dance in time to the music giving you an experience unique to Las Vegas. While there is no need to leave Las Vegas for your entertainment it can sometimes all get a little too much. If this happens, head to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Dusty trails lead you past bright red Aztec sandstone rocks and through shady canyons. Take 4x4 jeep tours or join a strenuous guided hike where your guide may point out the tracks of small meat-eating dinosaurs that have been preserved in the rock. For those who like more adrenaline-fuelled activities, you can even climb the canyon walls. 

Where to stay in Las Vegas?

West of The Strip is the Palms area which in recent years has seen something of a revitalisation. New hotels have sprung up and Kao, a new nightclub with a pool, has opened. If you like your restaurants to come with a celebrity chef, this is the district to dine out in. Book a hotel in Las Vegas here and a fun nightlife is guaranteed. For during the day, there is a scarily high zipline, the diverse food stalls of Chinatown Plaza and an eco-friendly desert oasis. Until a few years ago, Downtown Las Vegas was looking a little sorry for itself but an injection of investment has turned it into a hip and reasonably budget-friendly place to be. It is home to the Arts and Fremont East Entertainment districts, a selection of contemporary museums and the retro-looking casinos of the Fremont Street Experience. Whether it is the casinos or the natural beauty of Las Vegas that tempts you, let Opodo find you a hotel in Las Vegas.

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