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Hotels in Venice

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About Venice

How can I find hotels in Venice?

One of the names given to Venice is the ‘City of Water’ which is attributed to a collection of beautiful spots such as St. Mark’s Square. The city’s skyline is distinguished by tall church towers and rows of magnificent palaces dating back centuries ago. With lively squares, small streets and winding canals, this is one of the places you want to take a walk. Among the things that make Venice the most requested city for getaways are the gondolas, the Rialto Bridge, and Sighs bridge that links Doge’s Palace to a prison where Casanova was jailed. But that’s not all; the metropolitan city on the water is also known for small islands such as Murano. There are over 450 bridges and about 177 canals and getting around doesn’t require you to hire a taxi, rather a boat or a gondola. A lot of couples visiting Venice take romantic cruises via gondolas along the Grand Canal. The Venetian Bridge is another attraction that’s high on most tourists’ bucket list. If you are keen on exploring these and many more of Venetian spots, log in to the eDreams website to book a flight. Sort out your accommodation with our ample selection of hotel deals. Pick a destination, your preferred travel date, and you will be directed to a good hotel in Venice.

What must I see in Venice?

Meet the largest public square in Venice: Piazza San Marco also known as St. Mark’s Square. This meeting place is lined with museums, shops, and cafes. The strategic location at the mouth of a major water traffic corridor (Grand Canal) makes the square a perfect avenue for taking photos. Explore Saint Mark's Basilica cathedral as you sip some hot Italian espresso. Still on the grand Canal, take a gondola cruise to cross the ornamental Rialto Bridge, an icon in the city that leads to Rialto Market. In the market, pick freshly produced spices, fish, and other foods. When choosing a gondola service, consider one that takes you away from the busy Grand Canal. Check out other places within the narrow waterways of Venice. You can also plan a boat ride at the same time you want to book a hotel. Marvel at the Gothic architecture and richly decorated rooms at the Doge’s Palace. The palace hosts a maze of painted rooms in gold colour depicting Renaissance art. At the Venetian Gothic palace, there are apartments featuring a giant map of the world. Getting your air ticket in good time at eDreams is the best means to travel. You are sure to find the best price and cheap hotels. Avoid booking a hotel in Venice when everyone else is doing it during the high season.

Where should I stay in Venice?

A good neighbourhood gives you more serenity, particularly on high family seasons. The key to making the most of your trip to Venice is planning in advance. In a few clicks, get all the information from eDream regarding your Venice getaway. Santa Croce can be your perfect getaway if you love historic palaces. See former industrial buildings that have become learning institutions. You will also find a museum of natural history in Santa Croce at Fandaco dei Turchi to learn some prehistoric facts. The church of San Simeon Piccolo has a tall green dome that attracts visitors as they leave the train station of Venice. The busiest neighbourhood in Venice is San Polo and it beckons guests with artistic churches such as Basilica dei Frari and food shops. For a relaxed stay in a down-to-earth locality, your best hotel in Venice could be near Cannaregio. Grab some locally made coffee and pastries.

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