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About Wakefield

About Wakefield

Wakefield, a city south of Leeds in Yorkshire, attracts holidaymakers with popular sights such as the Hepworth Gallery, National Mining Museum, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and Sandal Castle. Wakefield has a long history of industrialisation going back to the beginning of the 19th century, when coal mining dominated the area. The city also developed into a major retail centre for textile products, which remain a large part of its historical legacy. On a visit to this charming city, you'll be mesmerised by the beauty of its Georgian and Victorian-style buildings, especially while walking along Wood Street.

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What to see in Wakefield

Start your visit with a peaceful stroll along the scenic River Calder, or one of the many country parks in the Wakefield area. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, located on the grounds of a grand 18th-century estate called Bretton Hall, is an open-air gallery that exhibits a marvellous collection of works by renowned British artists. The Wakefield Cathedral, which has a 150-year-old main building and a 180-foot spire, is located in the heart of the city. Its architecture reflects the many phases of Wakefield's long history.

Across the River Calder, the medieval ruins of Sandal Castle make for a beautiful place to explore. The ruins offer views of the river winding its way through Wakefield. The castle played a significant part in the War of the Roses. Another site is Pontefract Castle, whose reputation inspired two of Shakespeare's plays. Explore the now-peaceful grounds, with its extensive ruins that offer insights into the castle's long and sometimes dark history.

Where to stay in Wakefield

To get the best deals, or for a cheap hotel in Wakefield, remember to book a hotel well in advance. When you book, consider accommodation close to popular points of interest like the Art House or Royal Theater, right in the heart of Wakefield. Wakefield is a former mining town, which means there are numerous Victorian-style houses, especially in the heart of the city. Some of them have been converted into hotels, so if you're looking for an authentic local lodging experience amongst Gothic architecture and period furnishings this makes a great fit. Another area in the city centre for good hotel offers is around the railway station, which provides easy access for day tours to nearby towns like Normanton, Leeds, Kirkby, and Pontefract.

If you're looking for an idyllic and rejuvenating holiday, then consider hotels near the city's many green spaces, such as Newmillerdam Country Park. A park for all seasons, it's especially delightful for nature and photography enthusiasts. There are many cottages nearby, many of which have been turned into bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels. Sandal is an interesting area that you might want to consider for hotels in Wakefield. Booking accommodation here means easy access to many of the city's outdoor attractions, including Pugneys Country Park. The area not only boasts scenic beauty, but also has a good selection of cafes and restaurants.