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Headed on a holiday? Some things, like a tooth brush or clothing, are essential when you’re packing for that much-awaited holiday. But how about packing the very things that would make your trip more enjoyable, like gadgets? In today’s world, gadgets are a must-have for travelers! From navigating around your new destination to showing off the landmarks in sight with the ultimate selfie, travel gadgets are more sophisticated and even more of a necessity. Check out a few of our favorites below. Which of these would you take on your next holiday break?

Apple Watch

The new Apple watch releases April 24, 2015
The new Apple watch 2015 via Justin Stanley on Flickr

It seems the world has been waiting for the upcoming release of the Apple watch, slated for April 24th. Sleek in design and Apple produced, this watch promises great things, but for avid travellers, this could be a game changer. Some of the watch’s capabilities are: Mobile-free communication; virtual hotel keys and flight tickets operated with Passbook app; a ride-sharing app and wallet-free buying.

Price: prices start at £299.
Where to buy: Apple Store

Personal Translator

Long gone are the days of travelling to a foreign destination and not being able to communicate with the locals. Sigmo, an electronic translation device, promises to close the communication gap. It’s simple: The user speaks into the device and the device speaks in the requested language, when a response is detected from the device, the device will then translate to the user what was said, in the original language.

Price: Not available for purchase yet – stay tuned!
Where to buy: Online on Sigmo’s website

Pet Companion

Photo by Sean McGrath vis Flickr

Pet Cube is the perfect gadget for the animal lovers who just can’t stand to be away from their mascots, even for a short weekend break. The Pet Cube, is a camera, that allows travellers to check on their pets when they aren’t home. The Pet Cube, or camera, can be accessed through a mobile app for ease.

Price: £135.
Where to buy: Online at Pet Cube’s website

Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick
Photo by Karlis Dambrans via Flickr

Ever since the invention of the selfie stick, landmarks throughout the world have not been safe from taking part in the “selfie”. Truth is, for those that love to take on the adventures of a holiday on their own, the selfie stick is a great way to capture some of the amazing things experienced on a holiday.

Price: prices start at £30.
Where to buy: Online at Amazon

Power Card

POwer Card by Uncommongoods
POwer Card by Uncommongoods

Fact: You can’t take the ultimate selfie if you’re phone zonks out in the middle of your holiday excursion. The Power Card is the perfect solution in these cases. It’s sleek, card-shaped design makes it very easy to carry and it’s a must-have gadget for travelling or life on-the-go.

Price: £26.
Where to buy: Online at uncommongoods.com

Augmented Reality Map

Augmented reality maps via Pyramis on Flickr
Augmented reality maps via Pyramis on Flickr

Getting lost while on holiday is a common scenario. Sometimes, even using Google maps isn’t enough to keep the most directionally challenged traveller from getting lost. This is why Crossfader’s augmented reality map app AR-MAPS, a layer that is placed over Google maps, is such an essential travel gadget. With this app, travellers can see the exact location above the Google maps. Pretty great, huh?

Price: Free
Where to buy: Your App Store

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