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There are holidays, and then there are holidays that tie into a major festive event. Not only can a traveller feel the thrill of visiting a new destination, but there’s the added joy of celebrating a festive event in style. Christmas may be covered with quality time with the family, but a great New Year’s holiday is ripe for the picking!

Where would you make your great escape for New Year’s? Would you prefer to be dressed to the nines and popping bottles of champagne on a fancy yacht or would you rather attend one of the largest New Year’s Eve parties in the world on a beach? There are many ways to kiss 2015 good-bye. Here are a few of Opodo’s picks for best places to celebrate  New Year’s Eve.

Dubai: Party Boats

Fireworks in Dubai for New Year's Eve
Photo by Armin Rodler via Flickr

All aboard a party yacht for an epic view of Dubai. For an unforgettable party, charter a yacht and catch a glimpse of a magnificent display of New Year’s Eve fireworks with 10-50 of your closest friends. What could be better than that?

Brazil: Beach Party

Copacabana Beach in Brazil
Photo by Luiz Fillipe Carneiro via Flickr

If an exotic destination and a vibrant night life are what you are looking for this New Year’s Eve, you should take a holiday to Copacabana Beach in Brazil. Considered the largest NYE bash in the world, visitors are sure to have an amazing time.

Las Vegas: Party City

New Year's Eve in Las vegas
Photo by Erin M via Flickr

The city of sin is also the city with one of the most amazing New Year’s Eve parties. The famous Vegas strip is shut down on the eve of New Year’s to make room for the more than 300,000 attendees. Clubs, casinos are also an option for celebrating the evening, but the most mesmerizing portion of this memorable night is the choreographed fireworks display created by the surrounding hotels. The city is magic on this evening!

Sydney: Festivities and Fireworks

Sydney Australia on NYE
Photo by Richard Rydge via Flickr


This lovely city is the first, time-wise, that will welcome 2016. It also has one of the most spectacular fireworks displays in the world. This show attracts a crowd of close to 1 million, with the famed Sydney Harbor painting one of the most picturesque scenes.

New York: Iconic New Year’s Eve

Central Park in NYE
Photo by Hans Juul Hansen via Flickr

The lights, the vibes and the electricity that pulses through the city makes New York an ideal destination for those looking for an amazing New Year’s Eve party. Watch the fireworks in Central Park or trek down to Times Square and experience the ball drop. It is one of the most iconic activities of the New Year holiday. The live music, private parties and clubs happening throughout the city will also surely keep the evening lively.

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