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Sri Lanka – between jungle, deserted bays, wide rice fields and even wider beaches you’ll find plenty to discover. Especially due to the short distance to the Maldives and the fairly low average costs of living, this pearl in the Indian Ocean becomes more and more famous for adventure seekers.

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Due to its size you can easily explore most of the island in 10 days. So the only thing that’s missing is a proper to do list, right? Here we go!

1. Discover the diverse wildlife

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Sri Lanka is a true paradise for all fans on wildlife. You’ll spot dolphins, elephants, turtles and even wales.. there’s various eco tours that’ll bring you close to them.

2. Go on a stoll through the national park

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Roughly 1/3 of the island is covered by national park. Go on a hike and explore the local flora & fauna with its amazing variety.

3. Get to know about the history

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Sri Lanka is not only host to amazing nature, also the culture and history of the country is worth exploring. The holy town Anuradhapura, as well as Polonnaruwa and Kandy are absolute must do’s. Further in the south you’ll find the colonial town Galle.

4. Spoil your taste buds

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Whether it’s the local tea, fresh fish, crabs, curries or samosas. Be prepared for plenty of extremely good food for ridiculously affordable prices.

5. Admire the temples

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Another cultural highlight are the local temples in Sri Lanka. According to history, an Indian princess once smuggled a tooth by Buddha himself. This tooth is now to be found in the (who would have thought…) tooth temple on the island.

6. Climb the Sigirya

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The Sigirya mountain is one the major landmarks of Sri Lanka. Here you’ll also find the last traces of the royal palace. On the top of the mountain one is amazed by an epic panorama view, which certainly makes up for the hike.

7. Just kick back and relax!

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Nature, wildlife, culture… what’s missing? Right! To just kick back, relax and do nothing at all. The beautiful beaches around the island are the perfect spot to do just this.

You have further tips for Sri Lanka? Share them in the comments!


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