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With its picturesque beaches, paradise-like islands, rich history and culture and amazingly kind people, Mozambique is definitely one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Because it is yet unexplored and not so known to tourists, this country can offer an intimate love holiday like no other. After all, honeymoon is a thing of two people. Not only you will be amazed by the sublime nature and beauty of the coastline, but you can also turn your romantic holiday into an exciting adventure if you want, because, there is always something to do in Mozambique. Here are some other reasons why this African gem is a honeymoon appropriate.

Fabulous Coastline


When we are thinking about exotic honeymoon, the first thing that crosses our mind is probably lovely sandy beach surrounded by turquoise azure water, and Mozambique is all about that. The captivating spread of 32 island and islets of Quirimbas Archipelago is definitely the embodiment of such thoughts. Among these islands, you can surely find the one that meets your needs the best. Some of them are home to luxurious villas and resorts for newlyweds enjoying pampering and elegance. Others are relatively uninhabited offering the perfectly intimate holiday for two. If you are a history buff, surely you can find an island or islet with history tales and local legends that will keep you interested. On the other side, Bazaruto Archipelago with its 5 islands and amazing marine life, is equally fascinating. The coastline throughout the country will not disappoint even the most demanding travelers.

Pulsing City Life


Newlyweds have to have fun too. Many of Mozambique’s cities can offer exactly that, but if you do not want to take your chances, then go for the very lifeblood of the country – its capital, Maputo. Not only the city has many luxurious hotels and world class restaurants, but you can also rent a property and enjoy the ideal intimate in your first days in marriage. Maputo is also perfect city for sightseeing and experiencing the rich and diverse culture and history of Mozambique. Only its architecture (blend of colonial and Marxist-style buildings) is enough to sense it, but the cuisine, lifestyle and culture are also examples of that richness.

The Great Adventure


Mozambique may not have some safari offers as Kenya, Nigeria or Tanzania, but it does not lag behind when it comes to offers for adventurists. The recently joined in marriage can engage into all sorts of adventures from paragliding and hiking to diving, snorkeling and surfing. Some of the Mozambique’s hottest destinations are surely Two Mile Reef, San Sebastian, Tofinho at Tofo, and Ponta du Ouro. Many of them can even be marked as world class. Catching the waves has never been as exciting.

The Harmony of Food and Wine


When in Mozambique, you can visit international restaurants with world class offer, but it would be a shame to miss out all the fascinating flavours of the country. You can have a romantic dinner with your chosen one and eat amazingly tasty mixture of domestic spices and Portuguese kitchen. Allow yourself to be thrilled with coconut milk and peri-peri and enjoy some signature dishes such as matapa (stewed cassava leaves with coconut milk and coconut milk) cassava chips. For additional elegance, treat yourself with some of the best local wines. You have probably heard of the amazing Portuguese wines, well, people from Mozambique have learned from the best, and they do not lag behind their teachers.

Mozambique truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so there is no best place to start your life together than the African undiscovered tourist gem.

About the Author: 

guest-oliverThis guest post was written by Oliver Hyde, an experienced business consultant from the UK. His job allows him to travel and discover new places. He can’t stay put at the same place for a long time, but Africa was an exception; it stole his heart and made him travel through the continent for more than a year. 

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