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Following the article published in The Sunday Times, which announced the capital of the Balearics, Palma de Mallorca is the the best place to live in, the main question we’re asking is: Why? Surely, the island’s stunning views, picturesque beaches with turquoise waters, roads full of pine trees in the Serra de Tramuntana or their seafood and rice dishes, isn’t reason enough to claim the title, so let’s dig a little deeper…

For starters, upon hearing the news of the title of best place to live in, the Mayor of Palma de Mallorca, Mateo Isern, has said the following:

“It is truly great news for the city that The Sunday Times has named Palma de Mallorca as the best city in the world to live in. The information published is in line with what we have pointed out to other international media as it shows the positive change experienced by Palm in recent years. It is becoming a cosmopolitan city that’s open and dynamic.”

For us at Opodo, the whole island has reason to be one of the most beautiful corners of the world. Need proof? Check out the following ten reasons why you should drop everything, fly to Palma de Mallorca and spend some time island living.


1. 2756 hours of sun a year (according to Wikipedia).

Since London averages around 1410 hours of sun a year, this sounds pretty much like a no brainer.

cap de formentor
Cap de Formentor. Photo: @sabrinawerking via Instagram

2. Highways that peak through mountains and lead to a clear blue sea

Whether you’re cruising on a motorcycle, a scooter or just a car. Following these panoramic routes is an experience one just can’t get enough of.

Road, Mallorca
Photo: andres nieto porras via Flickr

3. Everything in reach

The longest distance on Mallorca is 120km, which means you can enjoy the sea and the mountains within the same day.

far de cap de pera mallorca
Photo: @mjfreijedo via Instagram


4. Quaint towns

Forget about hectic cities and stressed masses of people. On Mallorca you’ll still find quaint towns like Sóller and it seems as if time has stood still.

Sóller. Photo: @aniav via Instagram

5. Forrests and Beaches

Whether you love to sunbath on the beach or go for a hike along the forests and mountains. On Mallorca you can simply have both.


6. Snow? Not impossible!

The highest point in Mallorca is Puig Major, in the “Serra de Tramuntana”, where snow can be experienced and enjoyed in the winter months.

puigmajor in the serra de tramuntana
Photo: @xavi.aramburuzabala via Instagram

7. 1458 km of coastline

With countless bays, beaches and amazing nature sights. Even after years on the island you’ll still be able to explore new, hidden bays with crystal clear water and a unique flair of remoteness.

Mago Beach
Mago beach. Photo: @simonrolfe


8. Mountain Enthusiasts: Watch out!

Clearly, Mallorca is an epic destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts, but did you know that it’s also a great spot for mountain climbing, skiing, canyoning and more!

Mountain climbing in mallorca
Mountain climbing in Torrent de Mortitx. Photo: @xaviguerrero vía Instagram

9.Culinary Highlights

Remember these names: tumbet, trempó, arròs brut, sobrassada, pa amb oli… Any of these dishes will be the perfect menu item to enjoy a fine dining experience in Mallorca.

tumbet mallorqui
Tumbet mallorquí. Photo: @mwbcosima via Instagram

10.Traditional flair

The taste for the traditional or indigenous, is appreciated and seen throughout the markets, cuisine and landscapes, where there are windmills, white homes and green window shutters.

windmill mallorca
Photo: @miquelmuletv via Instagram


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