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Dublin may not have the size (about 1.8 million people) of other European capitals, but this former Viking settlement with an Alpha- ranking at the Globalization and World Cities Research Network places it among the top thirty cities in the world.

Ireland’s historical and contemporary centre of economy, arts, and education is an intimate, cobblestone street lined gem and we’re gonna help you discover it.

Here are 13 things to do in Dublin on your holiday.

Visit Kilmainham Gaol

History buffs will love this former prison turned museum which used to house many Irish revolutionaries imprisoned by the British, most notably after the 1916 Easter Revolution.

kilmainhamgaol prison museum dublin
@thatguycalledjamie via Instagram

Irish Whiskey Museum

It’s believed that Irish Monks travelling through North Africa in the 11th century brought a technique of distilling perfumes back with them, laying the foundation of today’s Irish whiskies.  Today you can take a tipple of your favourite and learn the history at one of Dublin’s most popular tourist attractions.

barrels of whiskey at the irish whiskey museum dublin
@clem.da via Instagram

The Guinness Storehouse

You wouldn’t dream of leaving Dublin without getting to know Ireland’s biggest export – take a tour through seven stories of interactive exhibition areas and finish with one of the best views of Dublin and your complimentary pint at Gravity Bar.

a safe at the guinness factory dublin
@guitarislif3 via Instagram

Know the National Botanic Gardens

An oasis of tranquility in the city – and it’s free! Take a few hours to wander around this 19.5 hectare green space and appreciate the flowers, sculptures, hot houses, and variety of interesting plants.

a bridge in the botanic gardens dublin
@ohclarebear via Instagram

Take a Free Walking Tour

With so much history and (likely) very little time you’ll be glad you took an informative free tour with some of the most passionate and hilarious guides in Europe.

a crowd on a free walking tour dublin
@yooobbb via Instagram

Have a Picnic at St. Stephen’s Green

You won’t find a more centrally located patch of green in Dublin and this park with an ornamental lake and children’s playground is a perfect place for a cheap and cheerful picnic lunch… provided the weather cooperates 😉

st stephen's green park dublin
@edel.griffin via Instagram

Glasnevin Cemetary

The world’s first cemetery museum is home to 1.5 million people buried, almost the size of living Dublin! The extremely emotional tours give a great background to the Irish revolution as well as point out any famous residents of the cemetery.

tombs at glasnevin cemetary dublin
@glasnevinmuseum via Instagram

Live Music at the Cobblestone Pub

Called ‘a drinking pub with a music problem’, this traditional Irish music bar has been in business for five generations and is a can’t miss for people who like booze, bands, or both.

live music at the cobblestone pub
@cobblestonepubdublin via Instagram

National Gallery

Ireland’s biggest collection of art from the 14th-20th centuries spans all the major schools and has 2,500 paintings and 10,000 other works of art.

a person looking at a painting in the national gallery dublin
@isabjelland via Instagram

Get a Proper Pint at Kehoe’s

As much of a Dublin institution as anything else in this article, at this busy yet welcoming pub you can get the Guinness of your life poured for you and meet a ton of lively locals – you might even stay for round two 😉

a crowd sipping drinks outside kehoe's dubin
@hok2 via Instagram

Take a Selfie with Oscar Wilde

Fans of Ireland’s greatest literary figure would do well to seek out the colourful statue placed in his honour in Merrion Square.

a woman taking a photo of the oscar wilde statue dublin
@sonjaspicture via Instagram

Project Arts Centre

Dublin’s busiest arts centre is a great place to check out some theatre, music, dance or visual arts – check out the listings on your mandatory walk through Temple Bar, Dublin’s cultural heart.

a performance at the project arts centre dublin
@projectartscentre via Instagram

Inhale Irish Classics at Boxty House

This restaurant with stained glass Victorian lamps and antique furniture serves up some of the best Irish grub around. Though it’s named after the ‘boxty’, a traditional Irish potato pancake it’s equally famous for the delicious Guinness and beef stew.

a traditional irish dish at boxty house dublin
@boxtyhouse via Instagram

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