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Introducing Johannesburg

Johannesburg began life in the late 1880s as a mining city when gold was discovered in farm land. It has since grown into an economic hub and leading tourist destination in South Africa, producing 40 percent of the world gold. Interestingly, the area is a source of many ’fountains’ emanating from the rocks and going as far as Orange River and the Limpopo. Take a Johannesburg weekend holiday to enjoy this picturesque city.

What do you need to know when visiting Johannesburg?

You will most likely use the city's major international airport, O. R Tambo, when you book package holidays in Johannesburg. Plan your flight from London to Johannesburg without worry as you don't need a visa to enter South Africa from Great Britain and Ireland. However, be sure to adjust your clock as Johannesburg is two hours ahead of the United Kingdom. There are eleven official languages in South Africa, with Zulu and Xhosa being the most widely spoken. However, most people also speak English so you should not have problems navigating the city on any weekend in Johannesburg.

When is the best time to visit Johannesburg?

The best times to explore Johannesburg is between March and May and from September to November. The temperature is about 24°C in March and goes down to an average of 19°C in May. It's much the same between September and November, and the weather is dry during these periods. Summer runs from December to February, and the city usually sees a higher number of visitors during this time. These numbers go down after February, which make this the opportune time for a flight and hotel in Johannesburg.

J’oburg hosts several festivals every year. There is the annual Standard Bank of Joy Jazz Festival held at the last week of September, and if you love performance art be sure to attend the Arts Alive Festival in the first week of September for a mix of traditional poetry, dances, contemporary music and drama from South Africa and abroad. The Fire and Feast Meat Festival happens in June. Consider city breaks in Johannesburg during any of these exciting events for a unique holiday.

What are some great activities to enjouy while in Johannesburg?

Your flight to and hotel in Johannesburg will give you access to a vibrant city where you could:

  • Enjoy a football game at Johannesburg, FNB or Ellis Park stadiums
  • See the big five (Elephant, Lion, Leaopard, Rhino & Buffalo) at Pilanesberg National Park
  • Tour the World Heritage Magaliesberg mountain range and Hartbeespoort Dam
  • Watch the birds at Montecasino Bird Park
  • Shop for traditional handmade items and designer fashion at shopping centres in the heart of the city

What can you visit in Johannesburg?

There are numerous places you can visit as soon as you land from your flight from Manchester to Johannesburg. Points of interest include the Apartheid Museum where you learn about the country's fight against institutionalised racial segregation. You can also visit Constitution Hill, the Origin Centre Museum, and Satyagraha House, once owned by Mahatma Ghandi. Parks and game reserves around the city include Johannesburg Zoo, Delta Park, the Kruger National Park, and the Pilanesberg where you see a large variety of African wildlife. Other exciting places that you should visit include Arts on Main and Maboneng Precinct. Check if your package holidays in Johannesburg include any entry fees.

What are some exciting dishes found in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg prides itself on food sourced from Africa and around the world. Here are dishes that you should sink your teeth into right after you land from your flight to Johannesburg.

  • Braai: This is barbecued meat mostly beef, pork, lamb and chicken
  • Bobotie: Minced meat simmered with dried fruit, curry and spices and then topped up with egg and milk mixture before being baked
  • Amarula Don Pedro: This cocktail desert is made with Amarula liqueur cream blended with ice cream
  • Melkert (milk tart): This is a pastry made of eggs, sugar and milk and thickened using the floor. Once baked, it is finished with cinnamon

Will you take home a souvenir?

You will definitely want to take home a souvenir from Johannesburg at the end of your stay. Here are a few things to pick up:

  • A gold coin from Scoin shops at the airports and across the city
  • Amarula liqueur
  • Golden Lions rugby or Supersport United football jerseys
  • African Crafts from the Rosebank Sunday Market

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