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About Buxton

About Buxton

Nestled in the heart of the Peak District, the spa town of Buxton is popular for its natural spring water, the Buxton bottled water. As a popular holiday destination in the East Midlands, visitors love Buxton for its famous Victorian and Georgian architecture, attractive ornamental gardens, and its vibrant and rich range of theatre, festivals, and music. With a wealth of attractions such as Buxton Raceway and Go Ape, two golf courses, and interesting natural features like the Poole’s Cavern, there is something for every visitor to enjoy.

Buxton also boasts an outstanding live venue, the Buxton Opera House, which hosts stand-up comedy, Shakespearean drama, music, and live theatre. Located in beautiful surrounds and packed with activities such as rock climbing, potholing, horse riding, and caving, Buxton makes a perfect holiday destination for families. You can find all types of accommodation distributed across the city from cheap hotels to luxury guesthouses. For those looking to explore further afield during their visit, the nearby city of Manchester is only a 40min drive away via M1 and M6. All you need to do to find a good hotel offer is use Opodo's powerful search engine - filter your preferred dates, the number of guests and rooms required to find great deals on your ideal accommodation.

What to see in Buxton

At the edge of the city sits the Poole’s Cavern where you can tour the underground natural limestone caves and learn the history of this two-million-year-old scientific site. While at the caves, you can take a nature walk on the park and wooded trail and perhaps even hold a picnic at the site. You might also enjoy strolling the botanical conservatory of the Pavilion Gardens, participate in fairs and art events or get entertained by live bands. On Terrace Road, pop into the Buxton Museum and Art Gallery and soak up knowledge of the Peak District's geology, cultural history, and archaeology.

If adventure is your thrill, visit the Go Ape Buxton for group chain of activities such as exploring the forest canopy using a treetop rope. Be sure to see the majestic architecture of the Solomon’s Temple and learn the Victorian secrets buried in this folly. If still interested in more limestone attractions, explore and hike the grassy, 1,394ft Chrome Hill. Other great hiking areas include the Peak Hidden Trails and the Parkhouse Hill. Buxton hotels come with a wide range of accommodations from quaint and romantic to luxury.

Where to stay in Buxton

It’s convenient to stay in areas surrounding the main attractions for easy navigation. Buxton hotels range from 2 to 5 stars while other accommodations include luxury guesthouses, traditional B&Bs, and farmhouses. Consider looking for your ideal accommodation at The Square, which is a minute walk to Buxton Opera house and a 3min walk from Pavilion Gardens. The Park area is another excellent choice to consider for easy access to the town centre, restaurant, pubs, bars, and spas.

Choose areas near the train station such as Palace Road with various accommodation types just a short walk to and from Buxton train station. You can also look for cheap hotels in High Street adjacent to the market, a 9min walk to the train station, and a 10min walk to Country Park and Poole’s Cavern. The city's nightlife concentrates in the establishments on the lower town and Market Place where you can sample a range of cocktails and beers from different bars and pubs. At these areas, you can easily find Buxton hotels at a fair deal. For discounts, ensure that you book a hotel on Opodo in advance.