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About Torquay

How can I find hotels in Torquay?

Torquay, the focal point of the English Riviera, attracts beachgoers with coastal promenades and landmarks that have inspired some of the best-selling books in the world. There are many archaeological sites in Torquay such as the Kents Cavern, a symbol of the earliest civilisation in Britain.  The most significant landmarks are the culmination of the coastal set up. Paignton Pier is the most historic point of interest, stretching 800ft with connecting pavilions that host seaside amusement activities like ten-pin bowling and video games. Towards the end of the pier are carousel roundabout, inflatable mega slides, dodgems, and trampolines. Another grade-II landmark is the Greenway state, a 16th Century Tudor mansion adjacent to Galmpton village. It was once a residence of Dame Agatha Christie, the Crime Queen. Without a suitable hotel in Torquay, it would be challenging to visit these remarkable sites. So you must check out the hottest hotel deals at for your own convenience. Enjoy a hassle-free getaway by booking a flight to Torquay and combine it with one of the cheap hotels' offerings.  With an intuitive hotel search engine, booking is quick and you are guaranteed the best prices be it on car rental, accommodation, or flight.

What Must I See In Torquay?

In the westerly suburbs of Torquay, find the Compton Castle which was built in the mid-14th Century. Thanks to a series of renovations, its front façade looks more of a stately residence with the incorporation of battlements and towers. Rumour has it that the first tobacco pipe in the UK was smoked here by Sir Walter Raleigh. Head to the King’s Drive to take photos of the attractive ruins of Torrey Abbey. Ramble through the beautiful gardens, Palm and Cactus houses, and the medieval under croft featuring dramatic UV displays of the history of Abbey. The other must-see attraction is Torquay Museum, one of Devon’s oldest museums founded in 1844. View exhibits of prominent explorers, ancient Egypt, world culture, and natural history. The mummified remains of a boy are some of its famous displays dating back to 600BC. If oceanic views appeal to you, plan an excursion to Torquay Harbour and get on the Millennium Bridge. There are two piers and touristy promenades lined with restaurants, cafes, boutiques, souvenir shops, and bars. Try your hand on boat excursions and water sports in summer. Along the seafront on Torbay Road, explore Agatha Christie Mile that comprises 10 landmarks, 8 of which are insinuations of book characters. Pick a booklet at the English Riviera Visitor Information Centre to get clues of the best site and hotel in Torquay.

Where should I stay in Torquay?

Do you have an eye for high-street brands? You might want to book a hotel near the Fleet Walk Shopping Centre, one of the biggest modern-day shopping complex at the heart of Torquay. More than 50 retail stores sell fashion and beauty products as well as sports equipment. Famous coffee and fast food chains are found here. Spacious walkways from the shopping malls lead you to Torquay Harbour where there are more places to shop and dine. Sometimes, you just want to surround yourself with wildlife and marine life. This would be possible if you reserve accommodation in one of the cheap hotels near Living Coasts. You will have a chance to spot underwater penguins in this award-winning zoo and aquarium. About 17 species of penguins, 20 types of fishes, and over 300 birds live on this artificial beach. Participate in diving and wildlife feeding. To enjoy traditional dishes of Great Britain such as fish and chips, find a guesthouse near Babbacombe Beach. Fill up your appetite because there’s plenty of seafood and deep-fried potato chips here. Gobble up some haddock fillet and battered cod plus a variety of salads and side dishes.