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It’s about time that you grab your surfboard and hit the waves. Here’s Opodo’s handy guide to the top surfing holiday destinations in the world! Find out where to catch that perfect wave!

Siargao, Philippines 

This well-kept secret of the Philippine is slowly earning its place to one be named the next big destination of the country. Not just with its secluded and less touristy vibes, But this island in the Philippines offers more than just its islands. It offers one of the best waves you can ride on in the country. It slowly ranked number 8 for best surfing spot in the world.

Photo by I Travel Philippines via Flickr

Santa Barbara, California (USA)

Not just the song, “Surfing USA” but this place in California with point break and exposed reefs offers you the best waves during the winter season.

Mentawais Islands, Indonesia

Ride and explore the tidal bores in Mentawais Islands. Known to be the most reef breaks  infested regions, makes the place more appealing for the hard core surfers.

Photo by colmsurf via Flickr

 Oaxaca, Mexico

Dubbed as the wave mecca, this surfing region offers you the wave that you deserve. You have to ride it, to believe it.

Photo by brb_photography via Flickr
Photo by brb_photography via Flickr

Federated States of Micronesia

How about calm yet powerful waves? This crystal clear surfing spot can just be the right amount of rides you need.

Photo by pohnpeisurfclub.com

Oahu, Hawaii

The most famous pipeline that can reach up to 30 ft! Yes, you heard me right. 30 ft. Welcome to Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline where you get to ride everlasting surfing waves. This is every surfer’s dream. So think through it carefully and if you have what got what it takes to ride waves here. Then a standing ovation awaits for you!

Photo by danramarch via Flickr

Superbank, Gold Coast (Australia)

Do not underestimate the waves in Australia. It may not be as big as Hawaii’s but it can be the longest wave you’ll ever ride. The gold coast also known as one of the world’s top destination for surfing might be your next queue to a whole new surfing career.

Photo by tk_five_0 via Flickr

Want to know more about surfing holiday destinations? Grab your surf board and get ready to discover more places to go surfing! 


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