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What’s this, a monthly discount voucher application on Facebook? Precisely! We thought we would reward our loyal Facebook fans by introducing an app that generates 500 discount vouchers per month.

Since the app will be up and running as of September 2, 2013 via our Opodo Facebook page, we though we would tell you more about how to use the discount voucher once you have it.

Follow this step by step tutorial and if you have any questions, just leave us a comment:


1. Visit http://www.opodo.co.uk and search for your flight



2. Select the option that you prefer from the search results



3. Revise the flight information and fill out the traveller details




4. Once on the payment screen, the total cost of the flight is displayed along with the cost of any additional services selected. Scroll down the page to find the e-voucher box where you can introduce the discount voucher. Continue with the purchase.



We hope this step by step tutorial was useful. We wish you a pleasant trip!

4 responses to “How to use the Opodo discount vouchers

  1. There is no e-voucher option while I was making a booking. After the total price, it shows the BUY NOW button. So how can I use the code?

    1. Hi Theena.

      We apologize if there was any confusion in your booking process. The e-voucher button can be found on the page following where you enter your personal information. When you get to the next page and scroll down a bit, you will see a section that says “e-voucher (optional)”. This is where you can enter your promotional code. Thanks and happy booking!

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