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We travel more now than ever before and for many of us flying has become part of our everyday lives. So how can we overcome exhaustion, continuous jet lags, and unbalanced diets when we do not find the time to unwind?

To help resolve this problem, several top airlines have been collaborating with airports across the world to  be able to offer spaces for frequent travelers – Business Class, First Class and Economy Class passengers -, where they can relax in-between flights.

From the most relaxing spas to the most sophisticated Cigar Salons, we present you a list of the 8 best airport lounges worldwide.


Paris, France – Charles de Gaulle Airport

La Première Lounge, Air France

Air France via Pinterest

Arriving at Charles de Gaulle can be quite chaotic – travellers with countless suitcases heading off in different directions, multiple gateways and corridors, noise…it´s a real challenge not to get stressed! This all stops when you reach the airport´s Première Lounge, where you can relax, enjoy a menu prepared by Chef Alain Ducasse, as well as a free spa, while the Air France staff takes care of your luggage. When the time for departure comes, a driver will accompany you to your plane.

UAE – Doha International Airport
Qatar Airways, Premium Terminal
Qatar Airways via Pinterest
The Qatar Airways lounge is much more than a luxury salon; it is an extravagant center filled with restaurants, bars and shops, as well as many more services. It is a space where Business and First Class travelers can truly relax, enjoy and shop in peace before their flight.

New York, USA – JFK Airport

JFK Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

Francesa Macia via Pinterest
Red leather chairs, colored lights and unlimited drinks – the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is a real cozy place where you can unwind before flying. The lounge also has at your disposition a superb cocktail bar and a mahogany pool table.  Perhaps this Clubhouse is even a bit too comfortable…travellers might just forget to board their planes!

Frankfurt, Germany– Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Rachel Walter via Pinterest
Lufthansa knows that its customers value privacy and security above all else. This lounge built out of marble and oak, is not only luxurious, it also has its own security team! There is even a driver who accompanies travellers to the plane when their Lufthansa flight is ready for departure.

London, England – Heathrow Airport

British Airways Concorde Room

Tom Mascardo 3 via Flickr
The British Airways Concorde Room radiates English charm – it’s glamorous without the glitz and intimate without appearing pretentious. Not to mention that they serve some really delicious sandwiches! The lounge also disposes of small cabins where travellers can rest, as well as the Elemis Travel Spa.

Helsinki, Finland – Helsinki Airport

Finnair Lounge

Finnair via Pinterest
Usually known for its incredible spa – saunas, showers and heated towels – the Finnair lounge has lost some popularity points since being shut for renovation in 2012 (the reopening date has not yet been communicated). Regardless, its great reputation for elegant Nordic furniture and delicious food continue to rank this lounge as one of the most in the world.

UAE – Abu Dhabi International Airport

Etihad Diamond First Class Lounge

Venicia Gaul via Pinterest
This lounge is a living dream for travellers with children. Parents can leave their kids in the playroom with the Etihad nannies, while they go relax at the spa, enjoy a cocktail at the bar, or have a cigar in the parlor.

Freiburg, Switzerland – EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse

Swiss Lounge

Marjon Grafish via Pinterest
This spacious lounge was awarded the Best Airport Lounge Priority Pass in 2012, and with good reason! This space is not your standard salon; with its glass roof and numerous plants, it almost makes you feel as if you´re in  a giant greenhouse! Truly refreshing and relaxing.

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