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In anticipation of Easter, many of us are already looking forward to a short holiday together with our friends and family. While many people book far in advance, others wait for some last minute offers. Look no further!

If you want to get away for a few days, there are plenty of places in Europe where you can experience the joy of Easter and celebrate the arrival of spring.

If you haven’t decided yet where to go or how to spend your Easter break, we recommend one of these low cost destinations:



Travel to Eastern Europe and celebrate “Lieldienas” with the Latvians! Easter festivities in Riga are packed with joy, colour, tradition and delicious treats. Colouring eggs, swinging from tree swings and engaging in egg duels are all part of the fun! And of course, when in Riga, you must also stop by the Kalnciema District to sample some local specialities such as Kulich (Easter bread) and Paskha (fruit curd).



Why not travel to Turkey and try something different this year for Easter? Although the largest part of the Turkish population is Islamic, celebrating Easter in Istanbul can be surprisingly special. Greek orthodox churches will be holding midnight mass services and shops will be filled with Easter decorations and trinkets, as well as coloured eggs. If visiting Istanbul is on your travel list, spring is the best time to go – it is less crowded and booking flights will be cheaper than in summer.



Romania has some of the quirkiest Easter traditions of all. Why not visit Bucharest this Easter and participate in a traditional boiled egg battle or enjoy a copious 5 course meal with seasonal specialties like you’ve never tried before? If you wish to discover more about the local culture and traditions, Bucharest’s Old Town has a lot of stories to tell!



Krakow is a spectacular city, particularly worth visiting around Easter. Aside from the numerous cheap flight options that connect the Polish capital with most major European cities, you’ll be able to experience first-hand traditional religious events and try some incredible typical dishes served only around Easter. The temperatures will also be a lot milder!

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss the celebrations taking place on Easter Monday, also known as “Wet Monday” in Poland, a day when boys run around trying to drench girls in water. Tradition has it that the girls caught will marry within a year. A fun day, especially for the younger generations!



Thanks to its universities, Braga, a small village located in the north of Portugal, is a young and vibrant place, filled with beautiful cafes, as well as picturesque houses and churches. Easter celebrations here are among the most interesting in Europe, with a myriad of religious events taking place during Holy Week.  Without doubt a place worth visiting at least once in your lifetime!

Have you decided yet how you will spend your Easter break? 🙂

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