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Whether you’re eating local delicacies, getting a taste of a city’s nightlife, or checking out legendary monuments it’s clear the offers of travel are nearly unlimited.

But never mind that man-made stuff: today we’re yielding to nature.

Here are the most impressive waterfalls around the world.

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

These extremely remote falls that cascade almost impossibly in a uniform strip of liquid are found in the jungles of north-east of South America.

Height: 741 feet
Access: flight from Ogle or 5-7 day overland excursion

an aerial view of kaieteur falls guyana
@official_guyana via Instagram

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

You can’t miss the thundering sounds of the largest waterfall in the world – named by Scotsman David Livingston after the then ruling queen Victoria.

Height: 354 feet
Access: fly to Livingstone, then take a taxi or bus

an aerial view of victoria falls
@my.planeta via Instagram

Sutherland Falls, New Zealand

You can’t pick a better place for a waterfall than the beautiful fjords of Milford Sound. The three cascades here feed the lakes of Fiordland National Park.

Height (combined): 1906 feet
Access: helicopter tour or hike along Milford Track

an aerial view of sutherland falls new zealand
@capt.kensington via Instagram

Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

This tourist hot spot is among the most famous in the world for its impressive collection of 275 cascades and a horseshoe stretching out over 8000 feet.

Height: 285 feet
Access: flight to Puerto Iguazu then bus or taxi

a side view of iguazu falls argentina
@luciano_ippolito via Instagram

Detian Falls, China and Vietnam

Very few tourists have actually had the opportunity to visit these falls due to border conflicts, but today the fourth largest cross-border falls in the world is open for business.

Height: 200 feet
Access: bus from Nanning

a woman crosses a bridge at detian falls china
@christinafawn via Instagram

Angel Falls, Venezuela

The highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world was originally called Kerepakupai Vená (“waterfall of the deepest place”) in indigenous Pemon.

Height: 2648 feet
Access: flight to Canaima, then a river trip, then a 30 minute hike

a view from below angel falls venezuela
@jdahldavis via Instagram

Niagara Falls, Canada and USA

Arguably the most famous falls in the world are known for their roaring sounds and blinding mist made possible by the 567,811 liters of water free-falling over their edges every second.

Height: 176 feet
Access: Amtrak train or bus from New York or Toronto

a view of the niagara falls skyline from the US side
@prva_gabi via Instagram

Gullfoss, Iceland

The ‘golden falls’ of this three step staircase cascade that nearly became a hydro electric plant look so because of sun shining off of brown tinted glacial water.

Height: 105 feet
Access: golden circle bus tour from Reykjavik

a view of the two drops at gullfoss waterfall iceland
@hayesprh via Instagram

Yosemite Falls, USA

North America’s tallest waterfall finds itself in America’s most beloved National Park, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

Height: 2425 feet
Access: 4-5 hour drive from San Francisco, 6 from LA

america's tallest waterfall at yosemite national park
@marlazk via Instagram

Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia

In Amharic these rainbow factory falls are known as Tis Issat (‘great smoke’) and range from a dry season trickle to a 400 meter wide explosion in rainy season.

Height: 150 feet
Access: bus from Bahir Dar then a 30 minute walk

an overhead view of blue nile falls ethiopia
@jokiedep via Instagram

Nohkalikai Falls, India

Especially during monsoon season the dramatic leap of the water from the green forests of above to the beautiful blue pool below are hard to match.

Height: 1115 feet
Access: taxi or bus from Guwahati airport

an aerial view of nohkalikai falls india
@snehalnimje via Instagram

Plitvice Falls, Croatia

This enchanting water garden is one of the most easily explored waterfalls with its bridges, platforms, and plank walks. There’s even a free boat ride to view Weliki Slap – the tallest of the bunch.

Height: 436 feet
Access: 2 hour 20 minute bus from Zagreb

a slowed down look of plitvice falls croatia
@worldtraveler.ig via Instagram

Pearl Shoal Waterfall, China

This spectacular waterfall in northern Sichuan province gets its name from the pearl-like drops of water created by its cascade – combine a visit with nearby Five Flower Lake for total bliss.

Height: 130 feet
Access: Chengdu to Jiuhuang Airport then a 30 minute bus

an overhead view of pearl shoal waterfall china
@e_kaspersky via Instagram

Jog Falls, India

The second highest plunge waterfall (no bedrock water contact) in India finds itself buried over a dozen kilometres deep in a dense evergreen forest.

Height: 830 feet
Access: flight to Mangalore then taxi, train from Shimoga

a straight on view of jog falls india
@karnataka_tourism via Instagram

Dettifoss, Iceland

Another Icelandic institution here that ranks as Europe’s most powerful waterfall. Take in the views from the facility heavy east bank.

Height: 147 feet
Access: tour bus from Reykjavik or car rental

a rainbow at detifoss falls in iceland
@rtackett16 via Instagram

Ready for nature?
Take me to the waterfalls!

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