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The Oscars 2016 are almost here and we’ve prepared for you the top film locations of the most nominated films for the Oscar awards:

Film locations of “Brooklyn”

Film locations for Brooklyn, movie nominated for the Oscars 2016
They used Montreal as a backdrop for scenes that were supposedly filmed in Brooklyn.

“Brooklyn” is set in Ireland and New York, USA. They shot the movie in Enniscorthy and Curracloe Beach (Ireland) but the Brooklyn scenes were shot in Montreal because the director, John Crowley, believed it had a more classic “Brooklyn” feel.

Film locations of “Bridge of Spies”

Film locations for Bridge of Spies, movie nominated for the Oscars 2016
The movie is named after the English nickname of the Glienicke Bridge.

The most important film location of this movie is in its name: Glienicker bridge. The film is set during the Cold war and focuses on the deals and secrets that would be exchanged between the East and West side of the country. They also filmed in other parts of the country such as Berlin-Rummelsburg station and Schloss Marquadt.

Film locations of “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Film locations for Mad Max: Fury Road, movie nominated for the Oscars 2016
They tried to film in Australia but they found that the Namib desert was the perfect location to shoot Mad Max: Fury Road.

George Miller, director of the long-awaited fourth part of the Mad Max series, originally planned to shoot the movie in Broken Hill, Australia but the landscape was too green due to unusual heavy rains. Luckily, they found the typical, apocalyptic-looking set in Namib desert.

Film locations of “The Martian”

Film locations for The Martian, movie nominated for the Oscars 2016
Wadi Rum is the closest thing to Mars

Sorry to break it to you but Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” wasn’t filmed on Mars. Instead, they shot the film in Wadi Rum, a dried-up river in Jordan with reddish sand. The scenes of NASA were filmed in Budapest Whale.

Film locations of “The Revenant”

Film locations for The Revenant, movie nominated for the Oscars 2016
They chose the beautiful landscapes of the Kananaskis Country in Alberta, Canada.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu, director of The Revenant, didn’t want to use artificial light during the shoot and made his team and Leonardo DiCaprio go a bit crazy. But the result was spectacular! Don’t you think? They shot most of the scenes in Tierra del fuego, Argentina and several locations in Alberta, Canada.

Film locations of “Spotlight”

Film locations for Spotlight, movie nominated for the Oscars 2016
Although the movie is supposedly set in Boston, they filmed a lot of scenes in Toronto

This film is based on true events of the journalist team at a newspaper called “Boston Globe”. The funny thing is that although the movie is about a local newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts (USA), most of the scenes were filmed on sets or in Toronto.

Film locations of “James Bond 007: Spectre”

Film locations for Spectre, movie nominated for the Oscars 2016
They chose Obertilliach, Austria to film the snow scenes

James Bond went back to the snow-covered slopes of Austria, specifically in Obertilliach and the Ice Q restaurant in Sölden. The 007 film was also shot in Mexico city and Morocco.

Film locations of “Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens”

Film locations for Star Wars VII, movie nominated for the Oscars 2016
They needed an odd but special looking island and found it in Skellig Michael, Ireland

This movie has a lot of spectacular film locations! J.J. Abrams and his team found the best island to highlight one of the best parts of the new movie. Skellig Michael island has carved Celtic crosses to mark graves, ruins of an ancient monastery and a few beehive-shaped monastic cells painstakingly built of mortarless, flat stones stacked in ever-constricting circles. The perfect setting for the remains of the first Jedi Temple!

Want to know more about the film locations? Visit our dedicated Movie guides page for the Oscars 2016!


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