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Extend your summer and visit one of these places where the sun is still shining in October. Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere warm to go during half term and you’re wondering where is hot in October? In that case, read our list of the best holiday destinations to visit at the start of Autumn to catch a few of those sunny rays.

Hot destinations in October

DestinationAverage TemperatureFlight time from London
Cyprus27°C4hrs 30 mins
Sicily24°C3hrs 30 mins
Marrakech28°C3hrs 40 mins
Dubai35°C6hrs 45 mins
Bali30°C16hrs (not direct)


Nissi beach in Cyrus, a hot destination for October

The average daily temperature in Cyprus in October is a pleasant 27°C. It’s warm and generally sunny during the day.  Cooler evenings mean you’ll need to wear a sweater or a light jacket if you’re eating outside at night. Swimming in the sea is on the cards if you visit Cyprus in October. The sea is still quite warm at this time thanks to the previous months of long summer days with the sun beating down on it. The best beach in Cyprus is Nissi Beach. Don’t be put off by its location, just around the corner from the gap year party hot-spot Ayia Napa – Nissi beach has a different vibe altogether. Here, the atmosphere is relaxed and calm. The sand is pearly white, the sea is turquoise blue and there’s even a water sports centre if you start to feel too relaxed.


Canary islands

View of Tenerife with Pico del Teide in the background

If heat and sun are what you’re after, then you’ll want to head to the island of Tenerife in October. Tenerife is the hottest of all the Canary Islands in October, reaching average maximum temperatures of 26°C. The fun of Tenerife lies in its diversity – the buzzing tourist hot spots and all-inclusive hotels where you’re likely to bump into Brits who come from the next town to you in the UK, to the remote mountain villages, sandy beaches and Spain’s tallest mountain peak, the Pico del Teide. Days can be spent hiking the beautiful nature walks that twine around the mountains, overlooking the crystal blue sea. Evenings are a cause for celebration in Tenerife, especially during the warmer months. Immerse yourself in the night-time revelry at one of the hottest clubs in town. The infamous Playa de las Américas is the place to go in Tenerife if you want to party the night away. If that sounds all too much for you, opt for an al fresco dinner. Fresh seafood on the seafront at Restaurante La Vieja, in the small fishing village of La Caleta, washed down with a glass of local wine from the exceptional selection in their wine cellar. You won’t regret it.

For more information and things to do in Tenerife, read our Tenerife holiday guide.



Traditional Cretan lunch overlooking the sea

Crete is one of those paradisiacal islands of white sandy beaches and turquoise seas that we dream about extending our summer on. Perhaps you came to this page wondering if any of the Greek Islands are hot in October? Well, yes! October is a great time to visit the Greek Islands, and Crete is the best of all of them as it is the hottest Greek Island in October. Crete is a paradise in more ways than one. If you’re a foodie and a lover of Mediterranean food, then Crete is your promised land. Local tavernas prepare a daily feast of freshly caught fish, homemade cheeses, just-picked olives and all the local Mediterranean herbs and spices that your heart could desire. Not only is Cretan cuisine some of the most delicious in the world, but it’s also very healthy, so you won’t feel guilty the next day on the beach! Crete is still relatively untouched by tourism, compared to its other Greek Island counterparts such as Santorini and Mykonos. You’ll still find large pockets of traditional ways of life on the island, and village culture is still very much ingrained in Crete’s culture and identity. Festivities organized by these villages are one of the best reasons to visit Crete. And to top it off? It only takes about 3 hours to fly from London to Cyprus



Ruins of Taormina in Sicily

In the heart of the Mediterranean lies the unassuming island of Sicily. One of Italy’s jewels that is often overlooked, but has rightfully earned itself a place on our list of best places to go in October. The temperature in Sicily in October is a very pleasant 24°C during the day. For an island that has both a rich history with plenty of sights to see and gorgeous beaches that are calling out to be enjoyed, 24°C is the perfect temperature to enjoy Sicily to its fullest. Gone are the sweltering hot days of the summer months where the fascinating Byzantine mosaics and Norman palace walls will be looked over in favour of keeping cool in the sea. October will allow you to enjoy it all; the culture, nature and the beaches. Hikers can take on the slopes of active volcanoes, rocky coastal paths and mountain meadows to earn that big bowl of steaming pasta at the foot of Mount Etna.



Jamaa El Fna Market in the Marrakech medina

Marrakech is a great place to visit at any time of year. October in Marrakech sees temperatures of 28°C and plenty of sunny days. Hunt for treasures in the souks and bring back some North African style to your house. Artisan workshops sell gorgeous Moroccan rugs, lanterns and other trinkets that you can buy directly from producers at a great price. Bargain hunters and shopaholics will have a field day here. Whilst there are no beaches in Marrakech itself where you can enjoy the sunny weather, the coast is just a 2 and a half hour drive away. The coastal town of Essaouira is a mystical place full of culture. Its windy beach attracts windsurfers and surfers alike, and the town’s atmosphere reflects this laid-back lifestyle. Flights to Marrakech take about 3 hours 40 minutes from the London airports.



Hot in October: Camel relaxing on the beach in Dubai

Where is hot in October? Dubai definitely is. Dubai reaches scorching temperatures of 35°C in October, so if you like your holidays hot, you’ll love it here. Dubai is a place that has it all –  indoor ski resorts, giant shopping malls with open-air botanical gardens, and camel racing, to name but just a few of the activities Dubai is famous for. Dubai’s nightlife is a force to be reckoned with. The parties in Dubai are in full swing in October. Rooftop terraces, fancy beach clubs and luxury hotel bars are all ready to welcome the thousands of tourists who descend on this sparkling city in the middle of the desert. The question is, are you ready? See how we’d spend a perfect day in Dubai to get some tips for your next trip. 



Ubud rice fields

Officially, the rainy season in Bali starts around October, but that shouldn’t put you off visiting Bali at this time. You might have a downpour here and there for a couple of minutes, but it’s likely to be blue skies and sunny for the rest of the time. The average maximum temperature in Bali in October is 30°C – you don’t need it to get much hotter than that! We’ve added Bali to our “where is hot in October?” list because it’s one of the best destinations in the world at this time of year. There are fewer crowds of tourists, and prices (that are already quite low) are even lower. You can book a luxury hotel in Bali for a fraction of the price that you would pay in the high season. Finding the right part of the island for you is important. Bali is quite a big island, it takes about 3 hours to drive its length. Stay a few nights in the trendy area of Canggu where you can enjoy the nightlife amongst other like-minded travellers, the hipster cafes and perhaps take a few surf lessons. Ubud is also worth staying in for a few nights. It’s the cultural, spiritual and artistic heart of Bali. Go for walks amongst the rice fields, visit the glistening temples and take a yoga class at The Yoga Barn. You’ll never want to go home!

Now you’ve read the list of our 7 favourite destinations that are hot in October, get ready to pack your bags and enjoy your extended summer.

Bon voyage!


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