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The Vienna (Wien in German) hashtags have nearly 7 million posts showing the cozy coffee houses, internationally reputable museums, and Baroque charm that put Austria’s capital city on the map.

The international accolades speak for themselves: most livable city, most prosperous city, 2nd in Quality of Life survey, 1st in culture and innovation, number one congress and convention destination.

If that isn’t enough to get you on a trip to Vienna then at least get a peak through a camera lens.

Here’s a quick tour of Vienna through the filters of Instagram.

An Awesome Aerial Shot of the City

The sun sets over Maria Vom Siege Church on another fine Vienna day.

an aerial view of the city of vienna
@fabolus_vienna via Instagram

Escalators at the Wien Hauptbahnhof

The most modern national and international transportation hub in the country serves 40,000 passengers a day aboard U-Bahn, national rail, and underground tram trains.

escalators at vienna's main train station
@fabolus_vienna via Instagram

A Lonely Fountain at the Liechtenstein Museum

A relaxing garden and fountain sit at the foot of one of the most important private art collections in the world displaying masterpieces over several centuries.

a fountain outside palais lichestein
@7eyes_vienna via Instagram

The Interior of an Old Tram

Seats sit empty on the fifth largest tram network in the world: almost 187 km of track serve 1071 stations, some of which have been operational since 1865.

the interior of an old tram vienna
@theboliviannomad via Instagram

Ducks Swimming at Stadt Park

Vienna’s first public park is famous for monuments honoring Viennese writers, artists, and composers.

ducks swimming in a pond at stadtpark in vienna
@fraeulein.tschules via Instagram

Crowds Get Classical at an Outdoor Concert

Schönbrunn Palace’s magnificent baroque gardens are the perfect place for the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic to give free concerts, with the goal of making classical music accessible to the average concertgoer.

an outdoor concert scene in vienna
@viennatouristboard via Instagram

Cake Cravings at Cafe Central

In a town famous for its cafe culture you’ll be hard pressed to find anything more historic than this 140 year old cafe that’s poured brew for regulars like Freud, Trotsky, and Lenin.

cake at cafe central vienna
@hayleymortimer1 via Instagram

The Wiener Riesenrad Twirling

This 212 ft Ferris wheel built in 1897 was actually due for demolition in 1916 until a lack of funds cancelled the plan – and thankfully so. Today it’s one of Vienna’s most popular tourist attractions .

a ferris wheel in vienna
@traveladdict_austria via Instagram

A Typical Viennese Cafe Scene

The first coffee house on record popped up in Vienna in 1683 and within a hundred years these big rooms with red velvet seats and opulent chandeliers had spread all across Europe. Today there are more than 2,500 coffee houses in the city.

a cafe street scene in vienna
@irinahp via Instagram

The Hofburg Imperial Palace

This 13th century palace has been home to some of the most powerful players in European and Austrian from monarchs of the Hapsburg dynasty to the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

hofburg imperial palace vienna
@lipisidro via Instagram

Roses at Schönbrunn Palace

A 1,441 room baroque palace that serves as an imperial summer residence certainly needs the garden to match – the privy garden here glows red with summer roses.

roses at schonbrunn palace
@aniaustria via Instagram

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