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Introducing Aberdeen

Located on the North East coast of Scotland, 120 miles north of the capital Edinburgh is the city of Aberdeen. City breaks in Aberdeen are ideal for those who want to enjoy all the amenities of an urban destination while being close to the Aberdeenshire coastline and popular Cairngorm mountains. You really can enjoy the best of both worlds if you decide to fly to Aberdeen for a weekend break.

What To Know Before Visiting Aberdeen?

You can fly to Aberdeen from several destinations across the UK; flights arrive in Aberdeen from London and Manchester, among others. The airport is a short drive from the city centre, and a regular bus service takes visitors to the city's railway station. English is spoken in Aberdeen, though be aware that outside the city you may come across locals who speak with a very strong North East accent! The currency across Scotland is the pound, and you should have no problems having English notes accepted. There is no time difference between Aberdeen and the rest of the UK.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Aberdeen?

There is no perfect time for a weekend in Aberdeen; the weather is changeable throughout the year, but it can be cold and windy in winter. The nearby Cairngorms offer travellers on package holidays to Aberdeen the chance to try skiing; the ski season in Aberdeenshire usually runs between December and April, but there is no guarantee of any snowfall in this part of the world. New Year (or Hogmanay) is a fun time to visit Aberdeen. The city puts on live music and fireworks to celebrate the New Year, or you can travel to the nearby town of Stonehaven to see their unique fireballs celebration.

What To Do In Aberdeen?

As well as skiing at the Cairngorm resorts, visitors on city breaks in Aberdeen can try lots of other outdoor activities. Hiking in the hills outside the city is popular, or you can try surfing in Aberdeen Bay – provided you can cope with the cold North Sea. Local football team Aberdeen FC plays its home games at Pittodrie Stadium between September and May on alternate Saturdays. The city hosts several arts festivals throughout the year, including NuArt, a street art festival with guided walking tours to see the different installations on buildings throughout the city.

What Places To Visit In Aberdeen?

There are plenty of sites to explore in Aberdeen, but here are some of the most widely visitied:

  • Start your weekend in Aberdeen with a walk along the beach before cutting through the award-winning Seaton Park and heading into Old Aberdeen. Here you can see quaint cottages and cobbled streets alongside the grand historic buildings of Aberdeen University.
  • The city's Art Gallery is home to works by Tracey Emin and Gilbert and George. Younger visitors will enjoy exploring the Maritime Museum and learning about Aberdeen's long association with the sea.
  • Head out of town to climb Bennachie, a 1,700 ft hill with a relatively easy trail to the summit.
  • Visit the impressive Dunnottar Castle, perched on the cliffs near Stonehaven.

What To Eat In Aberdeen?

As a fishing area, the North East of Scotland is a great place to enjoy fresh seafood on package holidays in Aberdeen. Fine dining restaurants serve high-end dishes, but you can enjoy equally delicious food at fish and chip restaurants like local favourite The Ashvale. Whisky distilleries are common in the North East, so make sure you try a local dram before you leave. If you want to experience a truly Scottish delicacy then you should try haggis alongside your flight and hotel in Aberdeen. It's made of minced lamb mixed with oatmeal and stuffed into the stomach of a sheep – although these days the casings are often made artificially. Traditionally, haggis is served with "neeps and tatties" (turnips and potatoes to those from south of the border).

What To Bring From Aberdeen

A bottle of local whisky is always a popular souvenir to bring back from anywhere in Scotland, and Aberdeen is no exception. Other typical Scottish souvenirs include kilts, or of you don't fancy going for the full Highland dress, other items of tartan clothing such as scarves also make a great present. If you find yourself falling in love with the Aberdeenshire scenery, there is no shortage of places where you can buy a print of a typical North East scene to remind you of your trip.

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