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Belfast has come a long way from its troubled past, becoming one of the UK's most loved destinations. Choose to spend a weekend in Belfast and experience Northern Irish hospitality at its best, all while enjoying the city's many cultural and historical visitor attractions.

What To Know Before Visiting Belfast?

Two airports welcome flights into Belfast: Belfast International Airport, which is about 30 minutes by bus from the city centre, and Belfast City Airport, named after Northern Irish footballer George Best, located just a few minutes' drive from the city's favourite attractions. Flights from London take just over an hour, while flights from Manchester are even shorter – it's just a quick hop over the Irish Sea for city breaks in Belfast. English is spoken throughout Belfast and English notes are accepted, though you might have difficulty spending Northern Irish bank notes when you get home.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Belfast?

Although the weather throughout Northern Ireland is unpredictable at the best of time, the climate is warmer and drier between April and October. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities or take day trips to destinations like the Giant's Causeway, then the summer months are the best time for a flight and hotel in Belfast.

What To Do In Belfast?

Visitors to the city can choose from lots of different tours on their weekend in Belfast.

  • Local companies run trips north to outstanding natural features like the Giant's Causeway and the nerve-wracking cliff-face path known as The Gobbins.
  • Fans of 'Game of Thrones' can visit some of the sites where the popular TV show was filmed in and around Belfast.
  • You can take a black cab tour around the areas of Belfast which were most affected by the conflict known as The Troubles – the Shankill Road and the Falls Road – where you can see political murals painted on houses and walls.

What Places To Visit In Belfast?

Package holidays in Belfast wouldn't be complete without a visit to the area of the city known as the Titanic Quarter, home to the Titanic Belfast museum. The famous ship was built in the city, along with many others, and the museum remembers the tragic history of the famous vessel, as well as celebrating Belfast's connection with the sea.

Learn more about the history of city and Northern Ireland on city breaks in Belfast by visiting the Ulster Museum, or the unusual HM Prison Crumlin Road, a former jail which now offers guided tours. Visit the Belfast Botanic Gardens or the Belfast Zoo if the weather is fine; and if you want to enjoy the city's nightlife then make sure you choose a flight and hotel in Belfast's lively University Quarter, to the south of the city centre.

What To Eat In Belfast?

Set yourself up for the day while enjoying package holidays in Belfast with a filling Ulster Fry; the Northern Irish take on a full English Breakfast with black or white puddings, known as drisheen, served alongside soda bread or boxty – a typically Irish potato pancake.

Potatoes were historically the staple diet in Ireland, and they remain an important part of Belfast's cuisine. Make sure you try champ while on your stay; it's mashed potato but made with milk and spring onions. While Guinness may be a Dublin tradition, you can still get a good pint of the black stuff in most Belfast pubs, along with Northern Irish whiskies like Bushmills and Jamesons.

What To Bring Home From Belfast?

Souvenir shops in Belfast sell plenty of leprechauns and shamrocks, but if you want to take back a more substantial reminder of your weekend in Belfast, why not take advantage of the area's famous linen industry? Stores like Carroll's sell Northern Irish sheets and tablecloths, as well as cosy Irish jumpers and replica Irish rugby jerseys.

If you're buying a souvenir for someone special, you can always splash out on a Claddagh ring, a traditional piece of Irish jewellery, made from gold or silver featuring two hands holding a crowned heart. It's said to represent love and friendship. The museum shop at Titanic Belfast is another great place to go souvenir shopping, especially if you want to buy books about Belfast's history and culture, or vintage posters commemorating the Titanic's maiden and only voyage.

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