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Flight and hotel Almeria

Introduction to Almeria

Located in the southeast corner of Spain, on the Mediterranean coast, the Andalucian city of Almeria is often overlooked in favour of neighbouring Costa del Sol resorts. However, city breaks in Almeria have lots to offer visitors, from beautiful beaches to fascinating historic buildings. In the Middle Ages, Andalucia was ruled by the Moors, who left their mark in the form of unique architecture and art throughout Almeria and the surrounding area.

What to know before you visit Almeria

Almeria Airport (LEI) is located just a few miles east of the city, with a bus service taking arrivals into the city centre. Flights to Almeria depart from across the UK, as more travellers are discovering this beautiful part of Spain. There are flights to Almeria from Manchester and London's Gatwick and Heathrow airports. Spanish is the main language in Almeria, and the currency is the euro. Spain is one hour ahead of the UK.

When is the best time to visit Almeria?

Almeria, located in southern Spain, enjoys warm weather throughout the year. Even in winter, average temperatures are around 17°C, while summers bring temperatures above 30°C and plenty of sun, making package holidays in Almeria ideal for those wanting to escape colder weather at home.

Almeria holds several festivals, or fiestas, throughout the year, including the ten-day Almeria Fair, held every August to mark the city's patron saint, la Virgen del Mar. The fair includes musical performances, dances, food stalls and bullfights, which are still popular in Andalucia.

What to do in Almeria

Package holidays in Almeria are a great opportunity to explore the area's beaches, spend some time soaking up the sun and take a leisurely dip in the Mediterranean.

Places to visit in Almeria

No matter how pleasant the weather, don't spend your whole weekend in Almeria soaking up the sun. The 10th-century Alcazaba, a Moorish fortress, is a must-see – you may recognise the fortified castle from Hollywood movies such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. You can still see examples of Islamic architecture in the building – the city's cathedral was originally built as a mosque under the reign of the Moors.

Explore Almeria's more recent history with a visit to the city's air raid shelters, a network of tunnels built deep under the city to protect the population from bombardments during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.

If you also have time to explore the surrounding area, you can also rent a car in Almeria.

What to eat in Almeria

On city breaks in Almeria, you'll find that seafood is ever-present on restaurant menus, with locally caught red prawn, squid and octopus. Traditional Almerian dishes include Moorish soup, made with minced meat and lentils, and ajoblanco, a cold soup of Roman origin made with crushed almonds and bread. The popular tapas dish, patatas bravas (potatoes served in a spicy tomato sauce), originates from the area.

What can you bring back from Almeria?

After enjoying your flight to and hotel in Almeria, you will want to find an ideal souvenir to remember your trip. Souvenir shops in Almeria sell several items decorated with an unusual male stick figure known as an Indalo, believed to bring good luck. You can buy pottery, jewellery and Spanish fans decorated with the figure throughout the city.

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