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Bodrum's ancient history

Perched on the Aegean, city breaks in Bodrum (which is also the name of the surrounding region on the Bodrum Peninsula) offer the best possible mix of culture, history, beaches, and nightlife. This sunny city, in ancient times called Halicarnassus, is a famous destination as both a resort town and an incredible place to visit ancient structures. And given its status as a go-to vacation destination for Turks and foreigners alike, you can get some great shopping in over a weekend in Bodrum.

What to Know For a Visit to Bodrum

It's easy to catch a flight to Bodrum from the UK, as there are direct fights from Manchester to Bodrum as well as, of course, flights from London. Bodrum-Milas airport is 35km from the city, and you can easily get a bus or a private taxi to the city. UK citizens need a visa, for a small cost, to visit Turkey; this can be obtained online ahead of time when planning your flight and hotel for Bodrum, or in the airport upon arrival.

Turkey's currency is the Turkish Lira. Bodrum is three hours ahead of the UK. The city's friendly locals often speak some English, particularly those working in fields related to travel, but it can't hurt to learn a few basic phrases while you're planning your flight and hotel for Bodrum.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Bodrum?

In early spring and mid-to-late fall, the city is typically comfortable and balmy. Bodrum gets quite hot in the summer, when temperatures can reach over 40°C. This ancient location also plays host to festivals throughout the year:

  • Gumusluk Classical Music Festival: Held in July, this nearby quiet fishing village transforms into an atmospheric venue for performances by international classical musicians.
  • Camel Wrestling Festival: This runs from December until March (breeding season), and is a relic of traditional Turkey, not to be missed.
  • Bodrum International Ballet Festival: Held in August, catch performances in venues that are over 500 years old.
  • Bodrum Baroque Music Festival: Taking place over three days in September, this is held at the Antique Theatre.
  • Mother's Day: Watch brilliantly coloured kites soar through the skies, the local way to celebrate mums!

What Is There to Do in Bodrum?

From ancient ruins to modern museums, thronged markets to glittering mosques, Turkey's coastal gem has it all. On at least one evening during city breaks in Bodrum, catch the last of the sun's sparkling rays from Bodrum's impressive Castle of St Peter. Then head into the night, in pursuit of the city's glittering lights. White House is the centre of the club scene, where thumping house music has reverberated for over three decades. The posh venue Kuba boasts an attractive terrace bar. Enjoy views of the castle from the Moonlight beach bar, or hang out in a converted sponge warehouse at the arty Dada Salon.

What Is There to See Over on Package Holidays in Bodrum?

Whether you're seeking nature or ancient history, package holidays in Bodrum offer a plethora of options.

  • Explore relics recovered from Atlantis-like ancient civilizations at the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, and learn why the city was besieged by Alexander the Great.
  • Home to model boats and a collection of over 6000 shells, Bodrum Maritime Museum lets you dive into the complex marine history of this ancient port town.
  • Standing proudly over the water is the city's castle, a must for any weekend in Bodrum. This well-preserved edifice dates back to the 15th century, when the city played a major role in the world's overseas trade. It was captured by Suleyman the Magnificent in 1522, and the minaret he erected bears scars of French bombs dropped during World War I.
  • Visit the ruined Ottoman Shipyard, which dates to 1770.
  • See one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, a tomb that dates to the 3rd century BC.

What to Eat in Bodrum

The city's cuisine offers a cornucopia of fresh produce from the surrounding farmland. Feast on figs, sweet oranges, and pomegranates from the local markets. For a carb fix, don't miss the sesame-coated bread ring simit, or flaky filled borek. The seafood surrounding the marina is sensational, with mezze platters available at very reasonable prices. At the restairant Sirin you can enjoy kofte (meatballs) and kebab slathered in sauce.

What Are Bodrum's Best Souvenirs?

Turkey's iconic 'evil eye' beads are said to bring good luck and ward off evil. These can be found in many forms, from jewellery to home decor. For a sweet tooth, pick up packages of Turkish delight. If you visited a hammam and enjoyed it, you might want to pick up an exfoliation mitt like the ones used there, as well as some pleasantly scented, skin-softening olive oil soap.

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