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Find yourself in Hurghada

A flight to Hurghada deposits you in one of the most opulent spots in Northern Africa. Once a simple fishing village, the coastal gem sparkles with the promise of the world-famous treasures that litter the Nile Valley. Hurghada's coastline shimmers with superb diving destinations, where unforgettable encounters with majestic reefs and exotic wildlife await.

Meanwhile, more sophisticated pleasures can be found at the town's marina, which is packed with gleaming yachts and crafts of all persuasions. Thanks to the area's allure, flights to and hotels in Hurghada are becoming easier to come by.

What's important to know before visiting Hurghada

City breaks in Hurghada will often start at Hurghada International Airport (HRG), which is located just five kilometres from the centre of town. Direct flights from London to Hurghada depart regularly throughout the year, and flights from Manchester to Hurghada are just as frequent. After booking your flight to Hurghada, you'll likely need to purchase a visa.

Flights to and hotels in Hurghada are easy to obtain, and some places even accept sterling, though it is advisable to purchase some Egyptian pounds for your stay. Hurghada is two hours ahead of the UK, so you're unlikely to experience jet lag. You'll also find that English is widely spoken alongside the native Arabic language, making Hurghada extremely friendly to foreign visitors.

When is the best time to visit Hurghada?

Happily, the climate in Egypt is balmy pretty much all year, and beach weather persists throughout the winter months. Although summers can be scorching, Hurghada is, thankfully, surrounded by glittering dive sites. Bright corals and intriguing shipwrecks await. Stingray seekers will want to arrive between May and April, when these majestic creatures ripple through the waters of Hurghada. Flock along with them to nearby dive sites such as Stingray Station.

Ancient treasures and diving delights

On package holidays in Hurghada, you may be drawn by the diving and stay for the deltas hiding ancient treasures. Dive at the Giftun Islands, where Gota Abu Ramada attracts diving enthusiasts from around the globe. Nighttime dives illuminate the busy nightlife of the reef. Visitors are enraptured by this unforgettable show, which takes place between three and fifteen metres beneath the water's surface.

Hurghada weekends buzz with land-based nightlife as well. Day trips to see the treasures at Luxor are popular – visit and tick off a bucket-list item in exchange for some of your beach time. Alternatively, desert safaris by quad bike will get your pulse racing as you speed through spectacular landscapes.

What is there to see in Hurghada?

The Ashrafi Islands, just north of Hurghada, are a more remote diving destination and worth a day trip. You'll be rewarded with dive sites boasting the wrecks of grand ships such as the Siris, Tamim II and Star of Rawiah. Stingray Station is another focal point for diving enthusiasts looking to get up close to these marine marvels. The reefs at the site teem with bright things, while impressive (though harmless) leopard sharks dart in the shadows. Meanwhile, you can spot dancing dolphins and pilot whales off Shedwan Island, which snuggles between Hurghada and Sharm. Don't forget that the treasures of ancient Egypt and the famous Nile River beckon nearby.

Delicacies and dining out in Hurghada

Follow pillars of coral, festooned with billowing purple plants, down to the shipwrecks below, and resurface with an appetite for aromatic meat dishes, fresh salads and gooey desserts. After a long day's diving on weekends in Hurghada, you can look forward to digging into delicately spiced seafood dinners. Restaurants and bars draw locals and world travellers alike, particularly around the marina. Besides a glut of seafood, the menus in town proffer

  • Mouthwatering baba ghanoush, a dish made from blackened aubergines.
  • Rich okra soup, a traditional appetiser known to stabilize blood sugar.
  • Subtly spiced shawarma, the world-famous grilled meat wrap loved by partygoers everywhere.
  • Strong Kahwa coffee, believed to be a superfood with digestion-boosting properties.
  • Aswanli dark beer, produced in nearby Aswan and a favourite among locals.
  • Aibib, a aniseed digestive imbibed throughout Egypt.

Treasures of Egypt

Takeaways from Hurghada include some of the best underwater photographs you'll have the opportunity to take. Rich coral life, stingrays and sharks all present themselves to the lens of eager underwater photographers.

Package holidays in Hurghada also offer a range of souvenir and gift options. Pick up precious-smelling perfumes, shisha products and luxurious gold products from the town's numerous purveyors, or rummage through stalls replete with one-off antiques and locally produced art and foodstuffs. It's impossible to forget city breaks in Hurghada when such rich pickings abound for souvenir hunters.

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