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An overview of Sharm El Sheikh

Sitting atop a promontory at the tip of the Sinai peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh was once just a fishing village, then became a major port, but it is now predominantly a destination for travellers and adventurers. Its current population is roughly 73,000 inhabitants. Because of its dramatic and stunning landscape, buildings are held to specific height requirements. Its proximity to diving destinations, ancient ruins, monasteries and temples make it a prime jumping-off point for archaeological enthusiasts and explorers.

What to know before visiting Sharm El Sheikh?

A traveller on a flight from London or a flight from Manchester to Sharm El Sheik will fly into Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH). The typical duration of a flight to Sharm El Sheikh is between seven and eight hours, and UK citizens will not need a visa for a weekend in Sharm El Sheikh, and up to two weeks. A traveller may, however, need a visa to visit areas outside of the designated tourism zones.

Regarding currency, the Egyptian pound is the standard currency, but sterling and euros are also accepted, as are dollars. It's advisable to keep some Egyptian pounds on-hand though, just in case you encounter a vendor that is strict on what they will accept as payment. When planning your Sharm El Sheikh city breaks, keep in mind that it's two hours ahead of the UK and, because of their customisability, package holidays to Sharm El Sheikh are a popular option for many travellers.

When is the best time to visit Sharm El Sheikh?

City breaks in Sharm El Sheikh are a good idea at any time as it is relatively warm year-round. The climate of Sharm El Sheikh is classified as subtropical arid and rainfall is minimal no matter the season. November, however, experiences the most precipitation. The average high in January is 29 C and the average low is 13 C. Highs in the summer typically hover around 37 C and the lows, 27 C. Below are some notable events held throughout the year.

  • New Years Eve celebration: Held in the SOHO Square nightlife, shopping and entertainment district of Sharm El Sheikh, expect fireworks and lively parties held in the numerous clubs and restaurants throughout the district.
  • South Sinai Camel Competition: Every year, usually in February, Bedouin tribes and spectators from all over the Sinai peninsula and the world converge on Sharm El Sheikh to witness the camels run, while spectators follow along in cars to see who the lucky winner will be.
  • Easter: Taking place during Easter week and also held at the SOHO square entertainment district, visitors will enjoy parties for kids during the day and more lively celebrations during the evening.

When arranging your flight and hotel for Sharm El Sheikh, be sure you're staying in proximity to the SOHO square as this is the main entertainment and dining destination for visitors in the area.

What is there to do in Sharm El Sheikh?

Oceans, mountains and desert all make for spectacular adventures, and Sharm El Sheikh has all three. The whole family will have a blast on the Total Desert Experience, where you will ride quadbikes across sandy plains, stop for tea in a nomadic tent and even stargaze once the sun goes down.

For a less arid time, try the Tiran Island Cruise and snorkelling. Take a boat out to Tiran island where you can spend the day relaxing on white sandy beaches and go snorkelling around the natural coral reefs of the Red Sea.

If the previous two activities didn't quench your thirst for adventure on your weekend in Sharm El Sheikh, the Grand Safari Tour certainly will. On this tour you'll ride through the canyons and valleys of the desert, go snorkelling in the Blue Hole and even ride on a camel!

What are some points of interest in Sharm El Sheikh?

  • The Heavenly Cathedral: This ornate church is where the area's population of Coptic Christians, an ethno-religious group indigenous to North Africa, regularly attend mass. Here you will find magnificent drawings and paintings.
  • Mount Sinai and St. Catherine's Monastery day trip: A 16 hour round-trip tour of Mount Sinai where you can hike to the summit of the mountain, walk in Moses' footsteps, and view ancient artefacts at the word's oldest working library and monastery, built in 565.

Consider Sharm El Sheikh package holidays when booking your trip as you could potentially save money when you combine a flight and hotel for Sharm El Sheikh and then add activities, too.

What is there to eat in Sharm El Sheikh?

  • Kababgy: An upscale culinary journey consisting of impeccable service and dishes of grilled meats based on local recipes, plus wonderful views of Naama Bay.
  • Mughal Mahal: A buffet of rich entrées with origins in Turkey, Iran, India and beyond.
  • El Masrien: A Mediterranean restaurant that serves up salads and aubergine alongside grilled meats.

What should I bring back from Sharm El Sheikh?

At the airport and all around the city you can find gift shops selling knick-knacks and souvenirs such as shisha pipes (hookah), statuettes of gods and goddesses, zodiac themed trinkets and stuffed camels. Of course, you can always grab some shells while you're at the beach. You could also take home a variety of rare spices to jazz up your cooking at home. Sharm El Sheikh's varied history makes for collectibles with a wide-range of inspirations.

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