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Welcome to Inverness

Known as the Capital of the Highlands, the picturesque city of Inverness is the ideal base for visitors who want to explore Scottish mountains and lochs – including the famous Loch Ness with its equally infamous monster! Inverness has played an important part in Scottish history, and is situated close to where the Battle of Culloden took place. The city itself sits on the River Ness, and the river banks offer a pleasant place to walk during your weekend in Inverness – if the Scottish weather permits.

What To Know Before Visiting Inverness?

Everyone in Inverness speaks English, although many people will also speak Gaelic and road signs in this area are bilingual. The city is also in the same time zone as the rest of the UK and uses the same currency. Flights to the small Inverness Airport arrive from many UK regional airports, including Manchester and London.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Inverness?

The weather in Scotland is notoriously unpredictable, but is generally milder and drier in the summer months. If you are planning to go hiking or climbing in the mountains while enjoying city breaks in Inverness, be sure to check local weather forecasts carefully before you set out. In winter, the weather can be very cold this far north and snow, especially on the hills, is a common sight.

What To Do In Inverness?

Getting out into the Scottish countryside is a must for those on package holidays in Inverness. Even if you are an inexperienced hiker, there are plenty of easy walking routes which still allow you to enjoy and experience the beautiful Scottish scenery. For a different view of your surroundings, why not head to Loch Ness and have a go at kayaking, or take a boat tour if you prefer to take things easy.

Round off your weekend in Inverness with a visit to the Eden Court Theatre to see a show, or attend a traditional Ceilidh, where you can have a go at traditional Scottish country dancing – kilts are optional.

What Are The Places To See In Inverness?

Spend some time exploring the city itself after you have decided on a flight and hotel in Inverness. Here are some of the city's most popular sites:

  • As well as the beautiful Inverness Cathedral on the banks of the Ness, the city is also home to the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery which allows visitors to learn more about the history and culture of the Scottish Highlands.
  • City breaks in Inverness allow you to step back in time. The area is home to many historic castles including Urquhart Castle, overlooking Loch Ness, and Cawdor Castle, mentioned in the Shakespeare play Macbeth.
  • A visit to the Culloden visitor centre is a must for package holidays in Inverness; learn about the battle before you head out onto the moor to see for yourself what the battlefield would have looked like in 1746.

What To Eat In Inverness

If you decide to spend the evening at a Ceilidh, the chances are that you will be served haggis, neeps and tatties for your evening meal. A traditional Scottish dish, haggis is made from minced lamb and oatmeal which is then stuffed into the lining of a sheep's stomach. However, most modern haggis have their casings made artificially these days.

When you choose your flight and hotel in Inverness, take into account how far you might want to travel around the city. The area is famed for its whisky distilleries and local companies run tours to many of them, so you can leave the hire car behind and enjoy a wee dram!

What To Bring From Inverness?

If you find a local whisky you like the taste of, why not buy a bottle or two to bring back for yourself and your friends? Or if you find yourself rather taken with the traditional Highland dress, you could always invest in a kilt of your own. Many kilt shops sell ex-hire clothes at bargain prices.

Kilts aren't the only tartan souvenirs you can bring back from Inverness. Shops sell tartan everything; from scarves to mugs and even underwear. Don't forget to take back a stuffed Loch Ness Monster – a toy version may be as close as you get to seeing the real thing!