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An Enchanting Island

The charm of the Isle of Man feels takes you on an enchanted journey back in time with its exquisite repertoire of Celtic crosses, forts, castles and stone churches. However, if you thought a rich history was all that this island has to offer then you couldn't be more wrong. Humans have inhabited the Isle of Man since the Mesolithic Period, and the Celts were among the earliest inhabitants. They spoke in Manx, an ancient language which is also in the process of being revived here. At present, only about 150 inhabitants speak it.

The island saw Viking invasions from the 9th century and until the 13th century and was ruled by Norway. It was only in the 14th century that the Isle of Man came under the English Crown’s feudal lordship. Now, the island has its own parliament and government, and it is not a full member, but an associate member of the European Union. The island is abundant in natural beauty – so much so that it was designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2016. If you're thinking of a holiday, then book a flight and hotel to the Isle of Man without further thought. You can also opt for package holidays in the Isle of Man that come with interesting itineraries so you don’t have to make the effort of planning everything.

What You Should Know Before Visiting Isle Of Man

If you are a UK citizen then you do not require a visa to visit the island, and can book your flight and hotel to the Isle of Man right away. There are many flights from London to the Isle of Man, as well as flights from other UK cities to the island, which land at the Isle of Man airport. The Isle of Man uses both the pound sterling and the Manx pound, both of which are equivalent in denomination. There is no time difference between the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Isle Of Man?

City breaks to the Isle of Man can be planned at any time of year because the island has consistent temperatures. April to June is the driest time to be here, while May to September sees more sun with the warmest months being July and August. Held every year in May/June, the Isle of Man TT attracts motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world and would be an exciting time to plan your visit. Another event that is definitely worth experiencing is Yn Chruinnaght, which celebrates Celtic culture, dancing and music.

What To Do In Isle Of Man?

The Isle of man is an outdoor paradise, the beauty of which is best explored on foot. Hiking along the various walking footpaths and trails is one of the most rewarding activities to enjoy here. The Raad ny Foillan is a popular trail that mostly follows the coast, enabling you to see some truly spectacular views. Many package holidays to the Isle of Man will come with special itineraries as part of the deal.

If you get the chance you should explore the Sound region, which showcases some of the island’s most breathtaking scenery. It's shrouded with low lying mist that adds to its ethereal charm. Here you can marvel at the heather clad mountains and rugged coast and occasionally catch a glimpse of peregrine falcons, guillemots, kittiwakes or seals.

The island makes a smooth transition from a tranquil place in the morning to a vibrant party zone at night, especially in Douglas – a great destination when considering city breaks in the Isle of Man. The Quayside and Promenade have a line-up of cocktail and tapas bars that share space with lively pubs where you can taste the local pint. The island also has its fair share of live music venues and coastal bars. Many nightclubs keep their doors open until the early hours and are also the setting for DJs to spin their records. If you prefer to experience culture over nightclubs on your weekend in the Isle of Man, then catch a show at one of the theatres on the island, where special events, drama and comedy performances and classical musical recitals are held nightly.

What Places To Visit In Isle Of Man?

Ancient monuments like Maughold Church’s Viking ship burial, Balladoole hill fort, Meayll Hill stone circle and Cashtal yn Ard are places that you can explore during your weekend in the Isle of Man, however other sites include:

  • Manx Museum
  • Curraghs Wildlife Park
  • Peel Castle
  • Castle Rushen
  • Fairy Bridge
  • Glen Helen
  • Murray’s Motorcycle Museum

What To Eat In Isle Of Man?

Gastronomes are in for a treat on the Isle of Man due to the plethora of delightful local delicacies that you can sample. The island is famous for its succulent dishes, right from Loaghtan lamb to Manx scallops (or queenies). When on the Isle of Man, you should try Manx food. Another local speciality is cheese, chips and gravy, or baked potato with chilli topping. Fish and chips are also a local favourite.

What To Bring Home From Isle Of Man?

Manx-style handicrafts, Manx tartan and even Manx Kippers make for great souvenirs; with the latter best to enjoy when you're missing the island. You can also buy memorabilia like magnets, key-chains, note cards and T-shirts that feature the island's famous mascot, the Manx cat. Sheepskin boots and vests are also stylish Manx souvenirs. Steel and iron items like sculptures, made with traditional blacksmith procedures, also make good buys.