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Presenting Melbourne

Melbourne is the perfect balance for an Australian holiday: a mix of historic architecture, proximity to much of the country’s greatest wildlife experiences and a modern and eclectic cultural scene. It’s well known for its pretty Victorian streets and hipster café culture, and many describe it as 'the most European' of Australia’s cities. A Melbourne flight and hotel package is an ideal way to see the best of the city. Alternatively, enjoy a Melbourne weekend as part of a stay in Sydney.

What to know before visiting Melbourne

Melbourne Airport (MEL) is just a 20-minute taxi ride to the centre of town, and you’ll find its modern core very easy to navigate by foot or public transport. Check flights to Melbourne from London or Manchester, which have a range of midpoint stop-off options available. A visa, which may be necessary for you to visit Australia, can be applied for online.

The currency is the Australian dollar and Melbourne is 11 hours ahead of London. The local language is English, and there are no mandatory vaccinations for entering the country. Talk to your doctor about any specific recommendations for vaccines though, especially if you’ll be stopping off at any southeast Asian destinations on the way.

When is the best time to visit Melbourne?

In a country known for its scorching summers, which of course happen when the UK is in winter, Melbourne is a haven of cooler weather. However, it still enjoys brilliant sunshine through much of the year and its climate is certainly better than the UK’s. The saying ‘if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes’ definitely applies to Melbourne, as temperatures can fluctuate a fair amount even over the course of an afternoon.

While many opt for Melbourne city breaks to enjoy the high-20s temperatures between December and February, the Australian spring and autumn are also popular times to visit. A truly cultural city, Melbourne offers all sorts of festivals running throughout the year – there’s really never a bad time for Melbourne package holidays.

What should you do in Melbourne?

There’s so much to do on a Melbourne weekend or longer stay, including:

  • A tour of the Yarra Valley wine region, with plenty of chances to taste the product!
  • Marvellous views of the gorgeous coastline on a Great Ocean Road tour.
  • Birdwatching at the Western Treatment Plant.
  • Staying in the city with a stroll through Southbank, enjoying a delicious meal before catching an opera or theatre show.
  • Diving into Melbourne’s unique café culture and chilling out with the cool kids at one of the many hipster hangouts.

Places to visit in Melbourne

There are many great landmarks and great neighbourhoods to see in Melbourne:

  • Get the best panoramic views of the Melbourne skyline at the top of the Eureka Tower.
  • Buy unique gifts and produce at the Queen Victoria Market.
  • Tour the Parliament House of Victoria for free.
  • Learn about Australia’s unique past at the Immigration Museum.
  • Walk along the historic streets of the Victorian Richmond neighbourhood.

What to eat in Melbourne?

After booking your Melbourne flight and hotel package, you can look forward to experiencing one of the world’s greatest cities for gastronomy. Southbank and other central districts are perfect for simply wandering through the streets and stopping at any of the many restaurants. Australia’s Asian neighbours have brought the tastes of countries such as China, Japan and Vietnam, and you’ll also find several European restaurants and the odd fish and chip shop.

Try roast lamb (one of the nation’s favourite dishes), salt and pepper squid and Lamington cake on Melbourne package holidays. Wine lovers will be in one of the very best places in the world for tasting – many come to Melbourne just to sample some of the great bottles on offer. Spending a weekend in Melbourne weekend is a great chance to try the various tastes of this global city.

What to bring home from Melbourne

While a good bottle of Australian wine is always a surefire hit for friends and family back home, there is a number of other great gifts that represent Melbourne city breaks beautifully. Boomerangs, originally used by Australian Aborigines, are a symbol of the country’s history and make for great presents. What’s more, buying them from official retailers will ensure your money goes towards helping Aboriginal families.

Opal is the country’s signature gem, and you’ll find a lot of jewellery shops selling pieces with the stones in them. If all else fails, why not pick up a jar of Vegemite as a proper Australian treat to bring home? Less obvious but fantastic options can be found at the city's many markets, such as Queen Victoria.

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