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A Brief Overview of Milan

Milan is a unique Italian city for many reasons. It’s simultaneously thoroughly modern and ancient, home to both remnants of the Roman Empire and a breathtaking Gothic cathedral alongside more high fashion boutiques than you could ever hope to visit in one trip. At various points in the city's history, it has been controlled by Spain, France, and Austria. The climate is well balanced and the food is fantastic, making it a comfortable, delicious destination in addition to being a chic one. With package holidays in Milan, you can easily see all the best the city has to offer.

What To Know Before Visiting Milan?

Malpensa Airport is located roughly 40 minutes’ drive from the city centre; Linate Airport is less than 10km from the centre, with a bus service that will take you right to the Piazza del Duomo. EU citizens don't need a visa to visit Italy. Flights from the UK are short, and run frequently from London to Milan and Manchester to Milan.

The currency is the Euro and the time is one hour ahead of the UK. Italian is the main language spoken, although the city is popular with visitors and many service workers have a good working knowledge of English. That said, learning a few polite phrases such as ‘per favore’ (please) and ‘grazie’ (thank you) will always be much appreciated by the people of Milan.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Milan?

The weather is pleasantly warm from early spring to late autumn, frequently reaching the 30s in high summer. Even in winter, Milan is almost never very cold and in fact this can be an excellent time to beat the crowds and see the city in a more relaxed way. If you’re visiting for the fashion, the spring and autumn shows will be sure you capture your interest, and of course, the designer outlets are open year-round.

On Milan package holidays, you can also see the Italian Grand Prix in early September and the Festival of Sant’Ambrogio in December, when the city celebrates its patron saint.

What To Do in Milan

  • Milan city breaks mean one thing for many: chic shopping. You can find all the top designer brands, including the enormous Armani Megastore, enjoy more affordable options on Vercelli Avenue, and check out trendy boutiques in Brera. The Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II mall is a must-visit for its gorgeous covered 19th century arcades.
  • F.C. Internazionale and A.C. Milan football clubs call Giuseppe Meazza Stadium their home, and you can often get last-minute tickets for matches on the day, or book ahead to assure your seats.
  • Italians young and old love to gather at bars, which often have football games playing on wall-mounted televisions, and happy hours from 7:00 to 9:00pm.
  • The city’s Monumental Cemetery may seem like an odd stopping point, but it’s actually one of the most beautiful in Europe, and features tombstones and statues that are artworks in themselves. It’s perfect for a stroll on sunny days.

What Places Must You Visit in Milan?

  • City breaks in Milan must include a visit to the Duomo di Milano, the imposing Gothic cathedral built in the 14th century and made of brick and marble. It’s absolutely one of Europe’s finest.
  • On the same piazza as the Duomo, you'll find the Museo del Novecento, with many fantastic pieces from the 20th century offering a modern contrast to the medieval cathedral.
  • Sforzesco Castle is not only a beautiful 14th century fort, but also houses museums home to everything from Egyptian artefacts to statues by Michelangelo.
  • La Scala Theatre is one of the internationally best-known opera houses, and you can either pre-book tickets for performances or try your luck early on the day. It’s also beautiful just to look at from the outside if your weekend in Milan isn't going to include any opera.

What to Eat and Drink in Milan

Book your flight and hotel in Milan and you can enjoy exquisite Italian cuisine. A Milan weekend would be incomplete without indulging in some gelato or pizza from a traditional pizza oven. Risotto alla milanese, flavoured with saffron, is a delicious local dish. Panettone, a favourite cake to enjoy around Christmas, also originated in the city and is widely available in bakeries towards the end of the year.

Try Da Puccini for modern Italian cooking, and Ratanà for traditional dishes, including risotto alla milanese.

7. What To Bring From Milan?

You can, of course, come back from city breaks in Milan will all the designer duds you can imagine, as well as high-end local jewelry. The Ferrari store offers branded merchandise like baseball caps and jackets, and gourmet food outlets such as Peck have superb gourmet treats.

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