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Welcome To Naples

When it comes to city breaks, Naples is an ideal location. This Italian city is home to an abundance of excellent food, beautiful panoramas and ancient frescoes which can be found all over the city. With a rich history that stretches back to Grecian times, Naples is overflowing with culture, so it’s no surprise that it’s known as one of the most artistic cities in the whole of Italy.

As if that wasn’t enough, the city is built on a dormant volcano, and sits within easy reach of the ancient Roman town of Pompeii. Throw in the excellent food and Italian wine and you could scarcely ask for more from a weekend in Naples.

Planning Your Visit to Naples

The city is served by Naples International Airport, with flights to Naples arriving from all over the world on a daily basis. UK passport holders won’t need a visa to visit Italy, although non-EU nationals will need to get a Schengen Zone visa before booking a flight and hotel. Naples uses euros, and you’ll find that most people you meet will speak at least a little English – although if you do know any Italian locals will be delighted to converse with you. Italy is just one hour ahead of the UK, so there’s no need to worry about jet lag when you book your trip to Naples, especially as a flight from London to Naples takes less than three hours.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Naples?

Most people choose the spring to take city breaks. Naples is ideal at this time of year, as you can enjoy warm weather with very little chance of rain. March till July are the best months to plan a trip or book package holidays. Naples may be a little less busy at other times of the year, particularly from October onwards when the climate turns somewhat rainy (although temperatures still remain reasonable).

Regardless of the weather, citizens of Naples love to party, and you’ll find a series of music festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are always marked in particularly breathtaking fashion. If you feel like ringing in the new year somewhere a little different, flights from Manchester to Naples are available all year round.

Things To Do In Naples

Food is a huge part of Italian culture, and no trip to Naples would be complete without visiting some of the many traditional alfresco pizzerias that line its streets. If you’d like to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of this trendy and artistic haven, be prepared to stay out late – most citizens start their night around 10pm, once the heat of the day has faded. There are plenty of excellent bars to sample, but even non-drinkers should enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the streets at night.

Where Should I Go In Naples?

There are enough sites to keep you busy for a whole weekend trip to Naples, but however long your visit you won’t want to miss the beautiful Royal Palace or Sansevero Chapel with its world-famous marble artworks. A little darker but no less fascinating is the Fontanelle Cemetery, where you’ll find rows upon rows of ancient skulls lining the walls of underground caves. If you fancy a trip beyond the boundaries of the city, consider Pompeii. A trip there is included in many package holidays; Naples is only a few hours away.

A City Of Food And Drink

The Neapolitan pizza was invented in Naples hundreds of years ago, and remains a significant part of the city to this very day. It’s a must for any visitor, but it’s not the only food you’ll want to try. During your visit don’t forget to sample:

  • Pasta e patate (a soup with pasta and potatoes)
  • Risotto alla pescatore (a classic seafood and pasta dish)
  • Timballo (a pie containing pasta and other ingredients)
  • Gnocchi alla sorrentina (dumplings served with tomato sauce and cheese)

You can wash it all down with a cup of some of the freshest and richest coffee you’ll find in Europe!

What to buy in Naples?

You’ll want to set some money aside once you’ve booked your flight and hotel. Naples is overflowing with great souvenirs. Being the artistic city it is, the streets are filled with beautiful crafts and unique art pieces. Ceramics are a popular choice, whether in the form of bowls, plates and kitchen implements or finely-wrought ornamental dolls.

At the slightly more pricey end of things you can take home a hand-painted masquerade mask made of porcelain or papier-mâché. Of course, there’s also a wealth of food to consider, from liquor to limoncello to hand-made spaghetti.

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