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While most travellers flock to the major attractions and cities of Italy such as Rome, Venice and Florence, there is another trend in the past years which is related to taking the less travelled path to discover Italy’s tiny towns: dotting mountainsides, postcard-perfect Tuscan hamlets and valleys.

Let’s not forget to mention that most of these small towns are within a day-trip distance from the major cities, so if you want to discover the less well known parts of Italy take a look at our list of the 10 most beautiful small towns…


Photo by daviebeee via Instagram


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Photo by giorgianichele via instagram

Manarola & Corniglia (Cinque Terre)

Photo by emylilferretti via Instagram

Neive (Piedmont)

Photo by pea_terrible via Instagram

San Leo (Marche)

Photo by charlotte.lola via Instagram

Albori (Amalfi Coast)

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Photo by ramoskaja via Instagram

Which one is your favorite town?


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