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Flying with Air France soon and need to know everything about their luggage policy? Continue reading below to know the Air France baggage policy and you’ll avoid surprises at the airport!

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Checked Baggage Policy on Air France

The checked baggage allowance on Air France depends on the class of ticket.

  • Mini or Basic: no checked baggage is included in this type of ticket but passengers can purchase it directly at the airport or online.
  • Class Economy: one baggage item with a maximum dimension of 158 cm (height + width + length) that shouldn’t exceed 23 kg of weight.
  • Economy Premium Class: two bags with 23 kg of weight each.
  • Business Class: two pieces of luggage with 32 kg of weight each.
  • First Class: three baggage items, each item should not exceed 158 cm of maximum dimension and 32 kg of weight.

Hand Luggage Policy on Air France

As for the hand luggage that passengers can store in the cabin, it also depends on the class of the ticket and the destination of the Air France flight.

Economy Class and Premium Economy: each passenger can carry one hand bag with a maximum dimension of 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm plus another small bag such as a laptop or hand bag.

Economy Premium Class (Long-Haul), Business and First Class: passengers are allowed to carry two hand baggage items plus another small bag for a total weight of 18 kg.

Infants Luggage Policy on Air France

If the children is travelling on his own seat, the baggage allowance is the same as an adult. In case the infant is travelling on his parents’ lap, it is entitled to a hand baggage of 12 kg that shouldn’t exceed 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm of dimension and another baggage item of 10 kg.

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