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Travelling with kids can be a magnificent experience for the whole family. The memories of a special trip might shape the mind of your kids forever. Just as easy, it can turn out to be a nerve wrecking disaster though. To make sure you’ll find yourself with the former, we’ve spoken to hundreds of parents to collect the best advice for a relaxed journey.

Show your kids the destination

The more they hear about it, the more excited they’ll be to arrive. Whether you read related stories to them, use themed drawing books or apply and other kind of art. Inspire and inform your children in a playful manner.


Give your kids a fun responsibility

For example with a suitcase on wheels! Once your kids have something to focus on and to relate to, they’ll be distracted and relaxed. At least in theory. Fingers crossed 😉

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Cut food into travel-inspired shapes

With a travel themed lunch you’ll further push the excitement of your children and create positive stimuli. It’s the little things that help you having a laidback trip.


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